Friday, September 20, 2013

Picture day for Kenny

Kenny had picture day today. His teacher wrote in his journal that he took a great picture the very first try! This picture was taken before school. He wanted to take it with his babies...shhhh...he lives his babies. <3
And yes, of course he wore his Nick angel/prematurity awareness pin that he's worn for the last 2 years. It represents his twin brother, Nick and the fight he fought and continues to fight...being born early. I'm so proud of him and my all other kids! 

And finally...since I've been busy filling orders for cupcakes this week...
Strawberry cassata cupcakes:
Banana hazelnut:
Mocha toffee truffle:
And more! I've been busy but it's been so nice being able to bake with no kids pulling at me...don't get me wrong, I do miss them but I am finally enjoying being me and doing things that make me...well..feel like more than a caregiver! So if anyone wants/needs high calorie, very fattening cupcakes...I'm taking orders! Facebook me!
I have to go unclog a bathtub so...until tomorrow...enjoy the weekend everyone!

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