Tuesday, September 10, 2013

School worries...take one!

Need to vent. I know today is unbearably and uncommonly hot for a September day, but having a child with special needs (and chronic illness) that has started kindergarten in a small special Ed class....with only 2 smaller fans, and 1 window, has been very upsetting for me today. He came home with his body temp high...ears and cheeks red, hair soaked...and to top it off...his diaper looks like it wasn't changed for hours. Also, i read his teachers note to me. kenny was being goofy, i had to give him a time out. ok...so what did he to to deserve this "time out"? She could have enlightened me with what he actually did.  grrrrr... When I called to complain no one was in! I am thisclose to pulling my son from that school. Times like this, I wih my son could talk and tell me what happened during the day....or...be a fly on the wall and see the day myself as it gets played out. At least when he's home I know he's cooled off, drinking plenty of fluids, not getting in trouble and getting his diaper changed. I'm so mad!

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