Thursday, May 31, 2012

Newspaper, newspaper...where THE HECK is the newspaper

So as my last few days have been very trying on my psyche, with Kenny's disability being cut all because of incompetent people. Then there's me fighting on the phone with computerized voice mails because the actual people that are getting paid big bucks to be helping you are taking a breakfast break, after breakfast break, lunch break, after lunch break, mid afternoon break, post break, break helping others or are not at their desk (at the moment). I've decided that I'm done allowing people to walk all over any shape or form. Where is this all going? Well, this morning was Kenny's last day of special needs preschool and I was running around trying to get him together and make sure the other kids were ready for school...I just didn't want Kenny late on his last day of school. We get in the car, and to my surprise, the gas gauge wasn't even budging towards the lower part of the red other words, I was screwed...the gas guzzler small bus that I call "The Green Giant", was gonna die midway to dropping the kids and then Kenny off at school. I made it to the older kids school...thank God. I pulled into the gas station, searched the black hole...also known purse (remind me to get a smaller, more compact one) to get my debit card out. Not sure how much I had left in the account, I only put $10.01...yeah...that penny is gonna put me over the edge ;) I filled the van with a little over 2 gallons...woot least I'll be at peace knowing that I wont run out of gas in the parkway. to drop Kenny off. I was just a little late, but it was alright.
I drove off to reach my final destination...home sweet home...well, as sweet as it could be...with the remaining scent of incense that my lovely neighbors were burning all night long...ugh. As I was waiting for the cars to go by so I can pull into the driveway, I noticed a woman that was walking down the street, in front of (said) neighbors house. I also noticed that we got the weekly newspaper. It was laying on our driveway...just up a bit from the sidewalk. I took notice in it because I thought to myself that we needed more Pediasure coupons for Kenny and I was hoping they'd be in the coupon section. We pulled in, the woman walked past...I stayed in the car for a few minutes with Gina because we were listening to a funny thing on the morning radio show. ended. I got Gina out and in the house and I told her that I was just gonna go and get the newspaper laying at the bottom of our driveway. I walked down there...and it was gone. I thought...maybe it was stuck to a tire...or was just gone...not even 2 minutes went by from pulling in and my newspaper is missing. Then it dawned on me...THE WOMAN WALKER! She was already 6 houses down and I yelled down to her..."Hey, did you take my paper"? answer...she just kept walking. OK...maybe she didn't hear me..or she didn't take it...but, there was no other explanation! Now...normally, I would just be like...oh well...I'll just get another one from the store....but not with the way my last few days have been going...
I told Gina to wait inside, that I'd be right back (Tony was home)....I get in the Green Giant and head east...where I pulled right into a driveway...cutting the woman off from going any further. I rolled my window down and politely asked her if she took my newspaper...then I notice that she had ear buds in her ears (which is why she never responded to my yelling down the street like a mad woman)...and in her hand...folded into a 6 inch block...was MY NEWSPAPER. She had it folded and drawn up inside her sleeve of her sweatshirt! She held out the newspaper as soon as I spotted it with my eyes (she was SO BUSTED and SHE KNEW IT), and just said..."I'm sorry" with an "I'm totally busted for stealing this" look and nervous smile). Held out her hand holding the paper and I snatched it right up. I then proceeded to lecture her...loudly...about stealing other peoples newspapers. I told her that I couldn't believe that a grown woman wouldn't know any better than that...I even called her a newspaper thief to her face. I told her that she should be ashamed for stealing and GETTING CAUGHT red handed...taking someones delivered newspaper! All she kept doing was apologizing with that stupid look on her face! After giving her a piece of my mind, I put my van in reverse and proudly drove up the street to my house! This was not just for was for all the people out there that gets their papers taken by "walkers"! It felt good finally busting someone that could care less about how a person pays for their newspapers...hey, if it laying on the driveway in someones yard...DON'T TAKE IT...ITS NOT YOURS!!!
I will sleep a little better tonight knowing that maybe, just maybe...this woman has a clepto issue that I just brought to light for her!


Rebecca Bond said...

Just wanted to let you know that if you call Abbott, the makers of Pediasure, they will send you coupons if you request them. They allow you to do this once a month.
-Rebecca Bond

Anonymous said...

Way to Go.. I am proud of you. It takes guts to stand up to people, and I guess it takes nerve to take what doesnt belong to them. Glad to know you did what was right.