Thursday, May 17, 2012

One interesting rescue...

This Mother's Day has been, very interesting one. One that I never thought I would ever do. I rescued a baby raccoon after it got hit by a car. Sure...I know a lot of you out there are going to be scolding me (just like my hubby)...but I am a mom...when I see a it human or an animal, my first instinct is to take care of it...and that's what I did.
Keep in mind that I did NOT let any of the kids near it. I know how highly transmittable rabies is in the raccoon population so I made sure I wore heavy duty gloves.
I was very surprised that when I called a wildlife rescue preserve...well, actually 2 of them...they told me that they will not take raccoons of any kind. If I were to bring it in to them, they would gladly take it, but they would euthanize it.
I was floored. How in Gods name could anyone kill a baby animal not knowing if it has rabies or not. I honestly felt that this little one didn't have rabies. It was a very loving little creature...but then again, I honestly didn't want to take that chance. My sister and I let it loose in the woods...where we think it came from. Yes there were tears and I soooo badly wanted to go and bring it back home. It kept following me to the car. But we really had to do it. Its momma would find it and it would be alright. I just wish there was a blood test to see if an animal has rabies. I just think its so sad that this little fighter wanted to live and the so called rescuers (who are there to save wildlife) are more willing to kill it or "let nature take its course"...if that was the case, and I would have let nature take its course with my twins born too early...I wouldn't have a beautiful little boy who is now 5.
I have to was a very cool feeling holding a baby raccoon. I really think I want to work with animals...maybe rehabbing those that no one wants.

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Anonymous said...

aww... I did the same thing for a baby possum that was in a barn trap.. my brother was about to shoot it,, I nursed it to health and set it free in the woods..I totally understand.. It's good to have a loving heart.. Way to go!
Wendy Sullivan