Friday, February 24, 2012

To whom it may concern:

Ok...the joke is over. You can take the curse off! You can stop with testing us now! You win! We did nothing wrong yet you feel the need to keep the fight going. Thank you for the test of our strength, purpose, love, compassion for others, family closeness, work ethics (in which we basically give our services, our God given talents to help others rather than charge an arm and a leg for them), and our sanity. It has been tough but these last couple of days have really been the kicker!
I'm giving my time and cupcakes for our church fish fry again and have basically been in a downwards spiral since the planning. Last year we were more financially stable and I had a huge oven to use...that is, until it exploded a few months back. I now have a much smaller one which only makes a few dozen at a time...not to mention the burning it likes to do to all my food! then to top it off, my time is extremely limited...Kenny has been a huge handful lately, and we are working with his therapists for that.
Last night, our kitchen sink faucet decided it was just going to stop working...and we just got it a few months, no working kitchen sink...while making cupcakes...JOY!
...Tony just got brand new tires on his work van a few months a go....back tire completely flat. van has something wrong with the back breaks (at least that's what the grinding in the back end sounds like).

So see...please give us a break. We are good people who live simple and god loving lives. We dont ask for anything from anyone, help others, and love our kids and each other dearly...but these issues/tests that we have been faced with (there are several more but I don't want to get into it) have been trying on my husband, myself and our kids. (Not to mention I have to make 300 cupcakes today).

You know who you are...thank you for thinking of us, but these tests are no longer needed. We just want a smooth, and somewhat easy life from this point on.
Thank you

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