Monday, February 27, 2012

It's all gone to sh*!

So as raising a child with special needs isn't enough...what it entails on a daily basis is crazy! First you get the worrying about his health. Then you have the meds, feeds, therapies, specialists, doctor visits. Oh, lets not forget the much needed help because...well, lets face it, who wants the burden watching a special needs child for a few hours. The grinding of his teeth, the unable to talk and tell you what he wants or gets tiring. Its better to just ignore and don't ask...I guess, out of sight-out of mind is the key phrase here. And I guess after this little event, I can understand (in a way) why!
While I'm in the middle of changing loads of clothes (I think it was load 14 to be exact), I brought up a basket of towels and Sydnie walks past Kenny, who was standing in our living room (which was our dining room but we changed it into a living room...or...a family room if you want to call it that) and makes a comment something to the effect of..."Oh Kenny (using her quiet, flower child meets nun quality tone that she has), what do you have on your hand? What, where did you get chocolate...from?
Wait...ummm...ummm...that's not!!!! MOOOOOOM...Its NOT CHOCOLATE!" As her quiet demeanor turned to some crazy screaming, psyco hair band dude screaming a high pitched song lyric! Kenny had POOP on his hand! Hmmmm...I thought to myself. I gently put the clothes basket on the dining room table and walked over to take a closer look for myself. Kenny is standing there holding his hand up and out in front of him like he was a surgeon with freshly scrubbed hands. But alas...that chocolate coating covering his fingers was not the sweet smelling, much craved for was poop. At that point, I grabbed his wrist and quickly ran over to the diapers and wipes stash that I conveniently have placed under the TV stand. Grabbed oh, about 50 wipes and started wiping and wiping...and then if that wasn't enough, I still had to change the diaper from he** and all of its components! Even though I had 8 kids, poop still gets to me. I dont do poop very well and was gagging and about to puke the whole time.
Having a child who is almost 5 still in diapers is bad, but when said child has the mentality of a 2 year old...who thinks digging in ones poopie diaper is a fun and exciting experience...then you've got trouble! This has happened twice already...for me anyhow. I think my husband had this experience a few times as well.
My poor son will be having chapped hands for a while to come due to the fact that I think I scrubbed them with soap and washcloth till they were raw...then the hand sanitizer came out and was used!
God must really think I can handle all this sh*t....literally!
Which leads me to one last thing. Kenny decided to get hold of my computer, while I had it on my blog edit posts/new posts....and he, well...deleted my last post titled Little Reminders. I have a favor to ask. Could you, my readers look and see if you copied or read and it was saved in Google Reader? Because it is gone. He deleted the entire body of my poem that I spent days on. I guess it was my fault for not writing it in something else and then saving it to my blog, but I didn't. So if you could just take a look and see. If you can pull it up and have it somewhere, please let me know. I am beyond sick over this. I am hoping that blogger or google has it somewhere in cyberspace. This is another one of those instances...ugh.
Gotta love that crazy, little miracle kid of mine!


Jenny F said...

Many of the things you talk about remember me of the adults I work with. I have a client that grinds his teeth, non-verbal. However, he claps sometimes when he wants something and is happy. It's not our 'normal' but it is theirs. Most of my clients where Depends or pull-ups. We have a children's group home with kids that are autistic too. I understand the challenges you face and the commitment it takes to care for them. However, do not loose heart because they all have a good quality of life and are happy. And many are not as lucky as Kenny to have families that love and care for them. <3

Anonymous said...

Michele, Kenny has come such a long way and I am so proud of both of you for your perseverance. Will he be going to Kindergarten next year?