Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tick time to dock

The heat has kicked in and the locus are making their familiar noise that only mid summer brings...and with July coming to a close I have got so much done yet so much I really wanted to do this summer. Have you ever been there? Wanting to do so much...wanting to have a lot of fun with the family but the time and money is just not there.

Just a few days ago, I make appointments for every kid for physicals and dental cleaning/exams, ordered Kenny's month supply of medical supplies, refilled all his medicines, made appts for Tony and I for our dental visits...and then I got a surprise call from the hospitals PT/OT dept. They wanted to set Kenny up with an appt. for Occupational Therapy. I was so excited! See he was on a waiting list and they told me that he wouldn't be getting in for quite some time. So needless to say, I was beyond excited. We went yesterday for his first appt which he really needed! He actually surprised me by how much he was doing. He actually put together a 4 piece shape puzzle. She wanted to see how he did on his coloring skills...and that wasn't as good as the puzzle. She noticed that he had low muscle tone in his hands so holding crayons and silverware were going to be difficult for him. Drinking from a cup came next...and then it went. haahaa. Yeah...that was a disaster. He did amazing on following directions on lifting his legs one at a time. But he needed to hold onto something or someone doing it. We are going to be working with eating as well...which has been a nightmare. He is basically tube fed now because he just doesn't want to eat anything by mouth! So now we are going to be starting up on OT once a week for an hour and PT every other week for an hour. I am so happy that we are finally starting up on these again!

Next is the speech therapy which we start in August! I am hoping to get him (and us) into learning more sign language...he knows a few signs, but nothing to carry on a conversation...or to let us know what he wants, which is very important.

That brings me to my next request...could my readers please go to this link and vote for Kenny. We are really trying to win an IPad for him so he can start to communicate and learn. It is very much appreciated.

You can tell when you are stressed out...when little things start to get to instance...picking up medication refills and not getting the right type of syringe that you have used for ever....and then there is taking all the kids to the eye exam that your husband and self have...thinking that it would be easy. HAHA. First you have an overly happy receptionist who has a smile that I swear she super glued happy...then after we get done with our appts and we start looking for frames...there is no one to help us. We finally picked out a pair each...but when I gave them to the front desk to have her write down the frame numbers because the kids were all acting up and there was no one there to help us with the frame I handed her the frames and asked her to write them down in our files...she said yeah and went about talking on the phone...totally not listening to what I just asked her. I'm sure when we do go back to order our frames, she wont have a clue as to which frames they were. It was a disaster!

So yeah...its been busy around here and the calendar is filling up quickly, and school hasn't even started! Don't even remind me about shopping for school uniforms & supplies...

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