Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rain rain go away...same with puking!

This spring/summer has been pretty extreme in terms of weather that the Cleveland area has had. First off, the spring was very rainy...actually...from April-June was very wet. And now we have had a week of one hundred degree temps....along with rain! And no, the rain didn't cool things off either. So, Saturday evening it was just too hot to cook and to stay in our house just one more minute, so we took the kids and headed out to the nearest McDonald's with the indoor playground. I forgot to mention that as we were leaving, it was pouring harder than I've ever seen it rain...ever! On our way there, the streets were almost impassable! We have a big van, those small "pee pee" cars that are so close to the ground would not make it through. It was exciting and scary at the same time...we had Morgan in the back crying because she was scared...because her big brother, Tony was telling her that its the end of the world...yeah..thanks Tony. Typical almost 14 year old big brother! Then you get me yelling at my hubby telling him to not try to go through the flooded street(s). I can just picture us stuck in 2.5 feet of water with all the kids in the van...but we made it through! The big green bus never fails! tee hee. Here are some pics from after the rain ended...when we were coming home from McDonald's. These are taken at the park that the kids play ball.

This is the parking lot...And this happens to be a beautiful lake that is usually enclosed in you can see, it is extremely flooded...from the looks of it, it looks like the lake was way up onto the parking lot...

The excitement doesn't end at the flooding! See, we rarely go anywhere to eat out, but like I said, it was just too hot and we thought it would be something fun for the kids to burn off some energy...haha...

We got there. The kids were running around the play area in their socks while we got the food (50 pack of chicken nuggets, 5 small fries, 4 drinks, and hamburgers for Tony and I). They were having a great time just being kids...Gina was an old pro climbing up into the maze of tunnels and then down the slides...and Kenny was just having a great time running around...nope, he wouldn't even go near the tunnels. But he DID grab one of the soft drinks and started to sip the straw! He's been trying to drink out of a cup for a while now, but he saw Gina drinking out of her straw and he wanted to try. So he did. It wasn't the most graceful sips, but he did it and we were happy. So as they are running and playing...keep in mind, we were the only ones in the play area, Kenny grabbed a BBQ sauce packet and squeezed it...all over him. He came over to us to wipe it off of him...looked at us and puked...a lot. As I was cleaning it up...he puked even more...and then a third time! Not sure if it was from the taste of the sauce, from drinking pop out of the straw, or running around. Maybe it was a little of all three things...I dunno. All I know is he was fine...not sick or anything, and he just kept playing through it all! So now I have to keep an eye on him because this is the 4th time he's done this...retching and throwing up out of the clear blue.

By the time we left there, most of the flooding was gone, and what wasn't the police had the roads blocked off. Our yard was flooded as was Tony's shop (aka the garage). The basement only has some water seepage and was very damp. All in all, it was a very exciting evening. I only wish I would have gotten some pictures of the cars trying to go through the flooded roads, or an audio of the inside of our van as we were driving through it all!

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