Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bowling for the first time

A few weeks ago, Kenny's school had a field trip to the bowling alley. I was apprehensive about this because I wasn't sure how he'd react to...well...bowling. I kept going back and forth on taking him or not taking him. I finally talked to his teacher whom told me that it would be really good for Kenny to go. He would be around his peers, he would experience something to say...we took him! It was the best thing we ever did. At first he was confused. He didn't want to be put down and was very scared. He wanted to go to school, not some other strange building... When he saw his teachers and friends, his face brightened right up! Look at the smile he had on his face when he saw his teachers.... He started to bowl like an old pro after a couple of turns/pushes with Daddy's help...

The teachers and parents were telling me that even though in Kenny's class there are kids with disabilites, Kenny is protected by ALL the kids. They tell the teacher when his feeding pump is beeping. They worry about him when he is not in school. They help him with certain play times, and they make sure they get Goldfish crackers for snacks (when its their turn to bring in snacks) because its the only thing that Kenny will eat. Notice the little boy holding Kenny's hand...I just love his class and teachers! Gina even had a shot at bowling. She LOVED it.

So after we got home from the bowling field trip, Gina decided to find a black marker and do some fancy artwork on herself...LMBO! I also want to share a couple of pictures that I just love. The first one was taken at Kayleigh's field trip to a park. It was hot and after a long morning of playing, the kids took a break. They sat in the shade and listened to the story, Horton Hears a Who. This picture was just perfect... And then finally...My goofy Kenny. He got this shirt for his birthday. Perfect!

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