Monday, June 27, 2011

Dream Night At the Zoo

Dream Night at the Cleveland zoo...what could I say? Simply perfect? How about...forever grateful as well. Every year since Kenny has been born, we've been invited to attend Dream Night. It is for kids that have chronic illnesses and their families to just be kids for once. It has been such a stress relief for our family. We laughed, we enjoyed, and the kids pigged out on all the zoo favorites (cotton candy, pretzels, iccees, ice cream). This year...Kenny and Gina really enjoyed the animals. Kenny loooved the tram and the fire truck...I think a little more than the animals!Daddy had fun showing him all the animals...
I got some great pics of all my kids too!

I love this one...notice the cross in the picture!

I thank God for the opportunities like this, that are given to our family...and to all the other families like ours. It makes me happy to see all these wonderful families having a great time, knowing that they are in the same medical uncertainty, day to day life that we are in.

I don't know what the future holds, so that is why we take it day by day...just like the NICU life, but carried on to our home life. I am stressed beyond belief with everything and wish he didn't have to be so sick with so many problems...but...he has shown people that life is a gift and is what you make of it.

Sure, I am stressed out and exhausted taking care of a special needs child...I cry a lot...I wont lie about that, but there is a reason why he's here (which for all medical purposes, shouldn't be from such an early delivery)...and I strongly feel that because he is here...I will be a huge advocate and parent to parent "friend" to those who are just now entering the whole new Preemie/NICU/palliative/special needs life.

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