Tuesday, May 17, 2011

God bless Sydnie...

This month of May is turning to be one of the busiest months ever! We started off with the March of Dimes walk, then Kenny & ^Nicks^ birthday. Followed by last Saturday's Communion for Sydnie. It was beautiful. Everything turned out perfect! All the hard work that Sydnie did these last few weeks in learning her petitions to read during mass and the songs really paid off. The dress...very pretty. My daughter...beautiful! Who would of thought that a clearance dress from Sears would look so beautiful...and of course...the headpiece that I made for her. I am hoping she will want to wear it for her wedding...just like the rest of the girls headpieces that I've made for their communions.

The only downfall to the morning was my attempt to do my daughter's hair for the day. I had every intention of making her hair perfect...haha...and...it didn't happen. Thank God I have a niece who does hair for a living! She got to our house (from Pennsylvania) at 9 am (keep in mind, we had to be at the church at 9:30). She worked her magic and it was beautiful!

We got to the church just in time for pictures and then the mass started. Little Tony (my son) was one of the servers...he looked so handsome up there on the alter. The communicants walked down the the isle...and yes, it brought a few tears to my eyes. Sydnie said 2 prayers petitions like a little pro! She stepped up to that podium, pulled the mike to her mouth (alittletoclose), and spoke loud and clear...hand gesture at the end and all. Very proud mommy moment!

Afterwards, we celebrated with a big reception/birthday party at our house.I made my famous salad...followed by sweet potatoes, sauerkraut and sausage, turkey casserole, chicken and ham...I made tons of cupcakes...filled with chocolate mousse...We also bought a couple of cakes for the occasions. Kenny wasn't his usual self. He gets like this every once in a while. He was extremely crabby with throwing a huge crying...no...screaming fit at home and at the church. He then fell asleep in church during mass. When he woke up, he was pale and lethargic. He didn't want any part of playing, laughing or even walking. I was actually pretty upset over him.He did love on all of his baby cousins though....We then sang Happy Birthday to him...yes...he is wearing his Birthday shirt that I made him. Sydnie cutting her communion cake...Oh! I know what I forgot to add...The day before the communion, Sydnie asked if she could get her ears pierced. Kayleigh wanted them too. So, guess what they did? Sydnie didn't cry one bit, but Kayleigh...because she had two people doing it, she got a little scared and cried afterwards. Thank goodness buying her a little something stopped the crying ;)

And now its like second skin to the two of them. Of course I had to document the occasion with snapping a few pics.

I feel so blessed with such beautiful kids. We had a beautiful day...and no, not everyone showed up...but that's alright. It was a blessed day...a day to celebrate our faith with our family. We shared love, laughter and had a great day!

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