Sunday, April 3, 2011

Released from the hospital...5 loooong days

Finally getting a chance to catch up on what all has been going on with our Kenny. On Wednesday, he finally got discharged from the hospital. It was a long 5 days in there. My motherly instinct was right...get him in there...We found out that he had RSV.

(these pictures were after his fever broke)Friday and Saturday nights were bad. His oxygen sats were in the mid 80's. We tried putting a nasal cannula on him (for oxygen), but he wanted no part of that. He ripped it off of him quicker than we could get it on him! So...what did we end up doing? Well, while he slept, we made sure he had a blow by blowing in his face. It helped him so much...but it also kept me up all night with him. The minute I heard his alarm go off, there I was, putting the oxygen by his face. Then we got the usual crazy stuff happen while there...bloody nose from too much suction (cleaning snots), the usual...pulling out the tubing from the IV. Oh...and let me tell you...they got a great vein, those nurses. The one night, he pulled out his IV, so we (the nurses) had to put a new one in...then, on Sunday, he decided to pull the tubing out...blood everywhere...and lots of it! And there you have me holding and applying pressure to the IV site so the blood would stop pouring out...the needle was still in...he just pulled the tube out! And then, finally, you have the puke and the occasional G-tube leak. All in was a pretty uneventful stay...hahaha! His temperature broke the second night (thank goodness), and the cough and boogers are still going strong.

A huge shout out to my niece and sisters. Thank you for helping us out so I could be at the hospital with him. He really hates being left alone there I HATE leaving him there..alone. breaks my heart! The nurses and child life were wonderful...with letting him play with toys and keeping him company. By day 4, he was feeling much better (minus the continuous snot supply in his nose) and was back to lining up his cars and blocks.

He also found a new use for those tubs that they use for sponge baths...a hat!We also found out a little bit more of what we are dealing with with him. I honestly thought it was just going to be a "oh, he's just a micro preemie." comment...and really wish it was that...but instead, we ended up getting so much more. I will update when I talk to his neurologist and Comp. Care doctor next week. I want to make sure I understand everything that they have found. There was mention of Microcephaly (which we already knew), a cyst and a small cerebellum, along with him needing hemoglobin transfusions (his body isn't absorbing vaccines and his red blood cell count is low)...but like I said, I'll post more when I know all the details.

I am just very grateful that he's home and back to his old self...minus some coughing. His smile brightens up my world!

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