Sunday, April 17, 2011

M.O.D. local Kmart ambassador...

What a busy yet very fun, morning we had yesterday morning! We went to our first of 3 Kmart stores (store #3278 in Garfield Heights) to meet and greet the employees and thank them for their work in helping with the March of Dimes. Kmart is, as some of you might know, one of the biggest national sponsors for the March Of Dimes and has been partners with them for 28 years!

Kenny is the local ambassador to 3 Kmart stores. We went to one on Saturday, went to one today...and tomorrow we will be going to the third one.

I have to say that the people that we have met are wonderful. They let us tell our story of Kenny and Nick, took pictures and just had a really nice time.

Of course I made cupcakes...lots and lots of cupcakes...between Saturday and today (Sunday) over a hundred...all decorated in honor of the March of Dimes...Here is Kenny and the poster that we made for Sundays store (Seven Hills #3013). We added a written thing to it along with many pictures of Kenny...including his hand and foot print copied at actual birth size. I am glad that we wrote out his/their story because their store was pretty busy and we didn't get the opportunity to talk to the employees...but that's alright, they were really sweet about everything!Tomorrow is the Bainbridge store (#8792)...I'll be posting more pics tomorrow. Anyways...we are honored that Kenny was chosen and we greatly appreciate all the employees of all the Kmart stores for their dedication in helping the March of Dimes. Without the March of Dimes, Kenny would not be here today!

And finally...after a long day, Kenny and Gina needed a nice relaxing bath and came down stairs to surprise me looking like this....* awwwwe moment*!

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