Tuesday, April 20, 2010

another update on LL Cool K

He is home! He came home on Sunday afternoon. His fever broke and he was starting to drink his bottles. What a very scary couple of days! We thought for sure that he had sepsis again...but nope! Basically he had an infection and virus that caused a very high fever which triggered his epileptic seizure. So from this point on, I am going to be a nervous wreck every time he gets sick. Our saving grace is that he was allowed visitors this time around. They upped his Trileptal dosage a little bit and that is pretty much it.

I can only hold my breath and pray that his next seizure will be easier on me. It really took a lot out of me, especially since I have been sick with this horrible upper respiratory infection/pleurisy thing. I am exhausted beyond belief, I have no voice and am in pain...but hey, if my little fighter can pull through what he has gone through...and still smile, I can too! The housework is slowly getting done, the laundry too. We have doc appts after doc appts to start going to just because he and I have been so sick.

Which brings me to another point...

We need donations for the March of Dimes walk this Sunday! I know there is only 4 days left, so any amount would do! This is going to be our second walk and we are all very excited about it. So anyone out there that wants to donate...it would be greatly appreciated! :)

And on to other news...Gina is babbling, very cute I might add! I kinda missed this part of toddler hood. Kenny hasn't gotten to this point yet, so its so cute to see this.

And finally, on the Extreme Makeover Home Edition news...nothing yet, but even if there was, we couldn't say anything...(so if any of you readers out there want to send them an e-mail or regular mail...please do so)...we moved out broken dishwasher out to find this...
See, looks don't mean everything...its what is hidden behind the nice cabinets...UGH~

I can just imagine what is under the sink part (on the left). Not only is there rotted wood, mildew and mold, but we have ants galore! niiiiiiiice

Thanks for reading my blog. I really, really appreciate it. Sometimes I need a place to write out my vents. Thanks for listening to my rants and rave.

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Anonymous said...

I read ur blog. I have to tell u ...i was crying. Our son was born at 25 weeks. The NICU is a stressful place to be. I prayed everyday. I gathered strength from places that I never thought I had.
I believe there is a reason for everything. God Bless you and ur family.