Friday, November 13, 2009

Thankful for hopes and dreams....and accomplishments

Today I am thankful for hopes and dreams. Without them, we would have nothing to look forward to!
My hopes and dreams are that my children are and will always be healthy, strong, independent and full of desire to succeed....
my son, Kenny is proving it to me....last night he was taking some steps...very slowly, very unstable...but was taking steps. The look on his face was so worth everything! He has a small smile while staring at"I'm doing it mom....I'm really doing it!!!". My little baby is trying all his might to walk...I have to thank all his siblings for this one! They treat him like he has nothing wrong with him. They push him to walk and be as normal as he could.
My kids have all been sick with THE flu. It has not been a party here at the Tomecko house. The coughing is not leaving these I'm getting it. We had Gina and Kenny at the doctor yesterday because of gunky now, not only is Kenny on Albuterol and Pulmicort is Gina (well, not the Pulmicort, just Albuterol). Gina has a double ear infection...maybe that's why we were finding pieces of food from dinner shoved in her ears after she ate....ugh, she is something else. I am very scared about this "swine flu". The doctor told us that this is what is going around...too early for the regular flu. They had absolutely no toys or books in their office...and all the nurses/doctors were wearing was very scary to see. And to think that my kids have it...I am petrified. I am putting my faith in God with everything...I have to. I am kind of scared to, because I counted on God to see Kenny and Nick through the pregnancy and to survive without any problems...well, it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, God had other plans. I don't know what they are or why this happened to us, I just know that whatever is going to happen, God has plans. I pray every night that I will understand and that my faith will become stronger.

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Marilynne said...

Pray for strength and guidance to be able to care for those children. You need to be strong because they aren't.