Monday, November 9, 2009

Its a WONDERFUL life....maybe

We've been dealing with a horrible sickness in the house....I don't want to say H1N1, but it has all the makings of it...cough, high fever, bad headaches, tired, runny noses...oh yeah! We were supposed to finally celebrate Sydnie, Kayleigh and Tony's birthdays...which were at the end of Sept. and beginning of was put off yet another weekend. Stuff like this happens when there are 7 kids under a small roof :). My worst fear is coming true...Again.
Just when you think things are going your sucker punches you! So, yeah...its here.
You'd think that Kenny getting the H1N1 vaccine AND all the kids getting the flu vaccine would help just a little...ah...nope! When I called the hospital for Kenny, they told me that it takes 4-14 days for the H1N1 vaccine to take only been a week so I am really hoping that getting it will make it less dangerous for him. He is and has been coughing sooooo bad!
Go figure, the nebulizer died...after 2 and a half years, we go to use it and, out of the clear blue, its not blowing the air. Boy, that comes in handy when you have a little boy who is coughing up a lung and needs his pulmicort and albuterol. I am just hoping this too shall pass quickly. This week is so full...Tuesday I have to go get the stitches out of my ear. they took a mole that showed up out of nowhere... and boy, was it big...took 3 stitches! On top of that, Kenny has his therapies...speech, pt, ot, and also his pulmonologist appt., so this should make for a very interesting week.
On a different note, we are really going forward with our selling our house...we think. LOL
The living room, dining room, upstairs and bedrooms...painted! We've given more stuff to goodwill and the church because we just don't have room for it in this house! It feels so good to just clear out the house. I even bought a $24 door bell! For the 15 years of owning this house, we never had a door bell! I took time yesterday (the day of the supposed party) and painted our front door hunter green to match the shutters! It looks so good! We also had my sister and her fiance help us clean up ALL the leaves in our yard. I am telling you...we NEED to make $120,000 after everything is said and done...this way, the real estate agent gets his commission, ad we pay off our mortgage, second mortgage and line of credit...with all three of those paid, we would be able to afford a SLIGHTLY higher mortgage than what we have now....I say slightly, because we want to move into a bigger house, so taxes are gonna be higher, along with utility bills. And if we try for the house that we REALLY want...the foreclosure...we are going to need money for paint, flooring, and anything else to make it PLEASE keep us in your prayers...this is hopefully going to be a good long as we get approved for a mortgage loan. It is just not healthy living on top of each other anymore....we need change! I want the kids to be able to have bedrooms where they can call their own...or at least, half of their own...instead bunk is my area! LOL. Tony and I don't even have alone time...we have Kenny in our bed and in the crib right next to us...Gina!
So, please...I know I've asked you all to help us get EMHE to redo our house...but we all know that THAT is NOT going to was a dream...a close dream that I thought we has a chance at. Some other family who was in need of it more deserved it...and...rightfully so. We just need prayers that we are doing the right thing and that the right thing WILL come along and happen! last thing. You all know that we have a squirrel that I have rehabbed...well, I have to share these pictures with you...Kenny really is not interested in too much...but one thing he is VERY interested in is Leo the Squirrel...The squirrel NEVER bites us humans, he is actually very gentle except for his nails. LOL
Anyhow, Kenny plays with him all day long...he loves to play hide and seek with him on the couch...I just think its the cutest thing...see...
Here is a video of Kenny and Leo playing (sorry for the loud tv)
And finally, I am going to be doing something for the NICU at the hospital where Kenny and Nick were born...I am collecting angel ornaments from everyone I can, to make an angel tree in memory of Nick, and all the angels that have put up a great fight for life...but ultimately went home to be with God...and also for all the sick babies, and babies that are born way to my twins, to remind their families that there are angels watching over them all the time...that there is good that does come out of may take a while, but there is. And finally, to give them hope for the next holiday season! So could you all please send angel ornaments...of any and all kinds...hand made, store bought, what ever.... to us. Pass this along to everyone you know!
You can e-mail me or leave me a comment and I will give you the address! Thank you so very much!
The link to this wish is below:

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Kenny is so cute!! I love that video.

We would be honored to send an angel for your tree.

Can you please forward your address to my email? It is