Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sometimes life drops things right in front of you

So back to school is fast approaching. Not only for the older kids but for Kenny! I am so nervous. I know it is only for 2 days a week, but those two days...dropping him off...seeing his sad face when I walk out the just breaks my heart! Then I sit and worry about the stupid Swine Flu hitting our house...I know I can sit and tell the kids...wash your hands, don't drink from the drinking fountains at school, etc...but the fact is, the media is making me into a basket case from this!!!! They say it affects those with underlying problems (like asthma)...well...most of my kids HAVE asthma (so does my parents and twin) scared here.

Anyhow..we have a new addition to our family....LOL...I have just taken in a week old....SQUIRREL. Yep, you read it right. Tony was taking out the trash, and saw something laying in the grass in the front yard. He went to pick it up, thinking it was one of the kids toys...and it started to move! I was told by many to let nature take its course...I did to a certain extent. I put it in a towel, by the tree where it fell out of...HOPING the mommy would come down and get it...well...that didn't happen. So Mommy Tomecko had to intervene! Started out with pedialyte and a hot water bottle...still leaving it by the tree...and still no mommy squirrel. Well now its not coming back so I am feeding it special formula, every 2-3 hours and keeping it warm. He has perked right up, he is getting active, gotten his coloring back and is not dehydrated anymore. I sat on my front porch the night that we found him...holding this teenie tiny creature...eyes still fused together...wondering what to do with it. I couldn't just leave it to dye...I couldn't "let nature take its course" because I kept thinking back to Kenny and Nick...their eyes were still fused together...unable to care for themselves...if we were to have let "nature take it course" with them, Kenny would not be here today (yes, I am comparing my HUMAN babies to an animal...sorry if I offend anyone, I am just trying to make a point.). Anything that is a living creature deserves a chance at my eyes anyhow. So as long as I live, if I see an animal in trouble, I WILL try to save it. Its just the way I am. It gives me such a good feeling to see this tiny little animal bounce back from near death because of love.

OK, enough of Animal talk...LOL..

Not much new on the little man we call Kenny. We are going to try Toupee Tape to hold those darn hearing aids in. He is getting a little better with them in, but still pulls them out constantly! umm....lets see...OH! Gina...she is starting to take steps now! I give her by the end of the week, she will be walking everywhere! Yay Gina! I am sure that once Kenny sees her walking, he will HOPEFULLY be right behind her!

That is pretty much it. Like I said, not much happening...just the same old...PT/OT, laundry, football, cheer leading, school shopping...oh...and now taking care of a critter on top of all that! LOL!

I should take a poll...what should we name the baby squirrel? Please respond in the comment section!!!

Have a good day everyone.


Tim said...

Rocky. I say name him Rocky.

Oh and by the way, I am still gonna get you those pics, we have just had such a crazy week with all kinds of planning and preperations for Wills birthday party. I still have much to do but will do my best to get them to you soon. Thanks so much!

Love and Prayers,


Anonymous said...

I would call him echo

Anonymous said...

I would call him Woody, because he fell out of a tree.!!!
Anne (England)

Virginia Revoir said...

That is so cute of the little baby animal. So glad you took care of it. :) Nice to meet you on the blog! Was coming to visit and read your story.