Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Crazy whirly life.

I guess an update is in order. So much has happened in the last week. First off, my USB cable to my old camera that I've been using finally broke...So...no pics this post until I can find a new one to upload my pics.
Lets see...well...Kenny got his helmet on Friday...its cute and it does its job (thank goodness that daddy is a vinyl graphics sign guy who can customize his helmet to look cool). He cant pull it off because it really is on tight...but not too tight. When he goes to bang his head (with it on) he kinda stops mid "bang" like...wait...I cant hit my head with this on. So its working! YAY! I have to say that I really don't like him wearing it too much because I want him to be able to tell me why he is frustrated not get used to wearing the helmet. Which brings me to my next topic...his PT yesterday was AWESOME!! Yes, he cried a little when he thought I was going to walk away, but I wasn't...I was just getting a ball. Jaime, his therapist, held him, made him look at her and she was signing and talking to him to use his words. So...after a short tantrum and trying to figure out what he wanted...Kenny signed "Mommy" and signed "more" and a different time made a sound similar to "BBBall" and also made a sound like"pppp" for pig...a toy that he was playing with. He was using mostly his right hand to play with toys, but she was making him use his left. Also was working on his rotation of his trunk...reaching and putting in...and finally to end a GREAT therapy session...holding his hips and making him stand and walk to me! Very sloppy...but he did it! I know that it really wasn't a huge step...but these baby steps are so amazing to see. I work with him (and Gina) daily...and to see that for Kenny, it is starting to click with him, just makes my day. With Gina...she is surpassing Kenny with some things...talking, standing without holding on...I want to teach her that its OK to do things ahead of Kenny, because Kenny has to do things at a different pace. I also have to keep telling myself that too. And...with Kenny, I just have to really watch his movements because she (the therapist) says that Kenny is trying to communicate...just in his own way. So I have to be very vigilant as to what he wants...watching his hands for signs. I also have to be very persistent with making him use his words (signs) for those head-banging, temper-tantrums.
I received his speech therapy evaluation report and they are recommending him go to speech 2x a week for 30 min. So...now its a waiting game...AGAIN.
So...now we've got PT 2x a week, OT 1-2x a week, and speech 2x a week...on top of his school starting in Sept. which is 2x a week...and specialist/Dr's appts galore...ON TOP OF school starting at the end of Aug. for the 4 older kids, football for Tony, Cheerleading for Taylor and PTU for Tony and I....AM I CRAZY? Yup...just a little! LOL! I have my "BIG CALENDAR" out and ready to start filling in the dates! LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

We are happy to hear of Kenny's awesome progress. KEEP IT UP KENNY!
u eddie a stacey amanda and hannah

Quadmama said...

Sounds like Kenny's doing great... can't wait to see pictures of his "customized" helmet.

Malka said...

You are just SUPERMOM! How do you do it? My best wishes for Kenny's continued progress and for the rest of your beautiful kids.

Sarah said...

I tagged you for an award :)

Tiffany said...

I am glad he is making such great progress. Both of you keep up the good work!

Julia said...

You soooo have your work cut out for you. But the progress with K sounds great and very encouraging!!! Excellent.

Tim said...

YAAAAAAAYY Kenny!!! That is sooo great, and just warms my heart at these remarkable steps he is taking. God is so good!

I have a question. You mentioned that your hubby makes vinyl signs. Do they work on car windows without fading? I am looking to have Taylors name done so that it can be added to the graphic of her dance studios logo. Im looking at getting it as close to that font as possible, as Im sure its a custom font. Maybe not. Can he do stuff like that? Would he be interested? If so let me know and how much it would be and I will send pics of the decal with something to scale it. I can also scan it into a file.

Love and Prayers,


Lex said...

That is some awesome progress that Kenny is making. I was so thrilled to read it. Speech therapy will also help him with the signing. My kids always got a lot more out of speech therapy then just speech. The one on one attention plus their therapist have taught them many things, colors, body parts, and many other things. I think Kenny is going to turn out just wonderful. He has parents that are doing everything they can for him and there is nothing else that anyone can ask for