Monday, August 24, 2009

In my dreams

Two years ago tomorrow...August 25, 2007...was my due date for the twins. It was a day, a dream, that never came to be...a day that turned out just to be another August day. Getting that due date of August 25 was so exciting...yes, I know that with twins comes prematurity...but it was still a date that will forever be burned into my life, my eternity. I was going to give birth to a miracle of life...two babies after 2 miscarriages. I thought to myself these are the souls of my babies that I lost, coming back because God made a mistake. But...God doesn't make mistakes. What was I thinking? These two miracles, Kenneth and Nicholas, were miracles in their own right.

Nick living for 2 days...THAT was a miracle. Kenny being here today...THAT is a miracle. Being born 17 weeks early...THAT is a miracle! Its a miracle but also a nightmare. A nightmare that no parent should EVER experience. The pain does not go away. Always missing, always wondering if there was something that we could have done. Always wishing things were different. Reliving the day everything bad happened. It should never of happened. To us, we were supposed to have our twins...Tony is a twin, I'm a twin...we were supposed to have twins! I still am trying to figure out why God would give them to us and then take one away. Why God would make Kenny have to struggle with everything in his life. Why would he make our other kids experience a death of a sibling like I had to do. Why would he make Kenny grow up and live life not knowing how much fun being a twin can be, having a "built in" best Tony and I get to experience. Celebrating birthdays together, going to school together, and switching classes on April Fools Day. Going to Twins Days together...Growing old together...Why would that be? I know it cant be to punish us or to punish Kenny...God is not like that.

So, I want to wish my twins, because I AM A MOMMY TO TWINS, one on earth and one in Heaven, a very happy "due date", tomorrow. A day that, in my dreams, you both were to be born...healthy and with no disabilities to stand in your way. No pain of surgeries, needle pokes, sensitive nervous systems, infections, medications, hearing and vision loss, developmental delays, muscle tone problems...and no death. There is no feeling of guilt for causing all this...even after all this time.

In my dreams, my loves.

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Catherine W said...

Happy due date Nick and Kenny.

It is a miracle but also a nightmare. I'm sorry that you have been through such an awful experience. It seems so very cruel that you should lose your twins when you and your husband have such a keen understanding of what being a twin means, of how it feels to share your life with someone from the very beginning. I can't imagine how it must feel to see your sweet Kenny growing up without his twin brother.

You are a mommy to twins.
Remembering Nicholas. xx