Monday, May 25, 2009

Sleepless nights

Good day everyone. I am writing this on maaaybe 6 hours of sleep a 3 days time span. Ah the joys of colds and ear infections!

Yes...that's right...Kenny is sick...AGAIN. The poor little guy. Tony and I have not slept in 3 days...doesn't make for a happy set of parents. We're hoping that this cold wont land him in the usual. This has been our best friend these last couple of days...

I have one question though...if any one has a head do you break them of it?!!! I just don't know what else to do. Kenny is constantly banging his head on the ground, on doors...he even tries to head butt us! We know it is partially because he has yet another ear infection, but the other part is what the doctors are thinking, could be a sign of Autism. So, if anyone out there know what to do to stop him from hitting his forehead on EVERYTHING, please let me know. I hold him ALL THE TIME because of this and because of wearing his hearing aids...but this cant go on anymore. I have to take care of Gina, wash dishes, clean house, do laundry and make dinner...on top of watching/playing with Kayleigh during the day...I just physically cant hold him all day long. In his Gait Trainer, he throws his head way back and I am afraid that he will snap his neck or something. UGH...Calgon...take me away!

We have to have this cold out of our house by Saturday because my niece is getting married! OMGosh...I remember when she was a little girl with a huge head of hair. She had the wildest hair!!!! Yep, she is starting a new life for her and her soon to be hubby, John. I am so happy for them. I just want them to remember that their wedding day is just one day...the marriage is a lifetime...enjoy, work hard on the relationship...because being married is have to give and take, work together, compromise and grow as a couple. Love and marriage are the best thing that you could have (next to kids) so enjoy and be happy with yourselves and you will be happy in your marriage. ;)

And finally....I got the garden planted...yes in deedie! Tony tilled the "old" spot where the garden used to be, per my request...I wanted to have it flattened and nice to plant grass seed there...well...he did such a great job on it...that...I just HAD to plant some of the garden THERE TOO!!! Yes, I am a little compulsive when it comes to the back garden has watermelon, some tomatoes and pumpkins back there.

and the new garden has ... well... everything! Tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, beans, beats, cucumbers, zucchini, and yellow squash.
And finally.... Gina learned to stand up against things now!


Quadmama said...

Maddy was a headbanger for awhile and it FREAKED me out. She would have HUGE bruises on her forehead from it. For her, it was an issue of frustration. She only banged her head when she was mad about not getting something. I taught her some basic signs (milk, eat) and that solved the problem. Between signing and language development head banging wasn't an issue any more. I don't know if Kenny would be receptive to learning a few signs, but if he is you might want to try teaching him just a few key words and see if that helps alleviate some of the banging. Hope you've been able to get some rest.

Michele said...

I am thinking it just very well be out of frustration but he just doesnt want to learn anything. I am besides myself. He cant tell me what is wrong, cant show me...I am feeling really bad about this. He used to sign for "more" and "all done" but now he doesnt do anything. I really think that if he would learn SOMETHING then he wouldnt be banging his head so much.
Oh...and that would be a no in the rest dept...he was up all night again. :(