Monday, May 18, 2009

What a week!

It's been a week since I've posted...pretty much drained. The running around is crazy. Of course we all had to have watched American Idol. Yep. I pretty much thought that Kris was going to win. The underdog pulls it off yet again! Honestly, either way would have been fine for me. I thought both of the guys were very talented. I would have liked to have seen Danny Gookey in the finale, but I really think all 3 of them will be very successful in their careers! I really liked this years finale...tons of stars and was wonderful to see all the old groups...Kiss...Queen...oh...and...hee hee...Steve Martin!

Enough of small talk....

This week, I have been noticing that Kenny's eyes are starting to cross...I called his ped up and they told me not to worry since I have an opthamology appt. in July...but I am. I really am worried. I really don't know what crossed eyes mean! Is it that his ROP came back? Does it come back? Will he need glasses? Surgery? I have no clue. I just may have to see if they could get him in sooner...I wouldn't want to walk around with my eyes crossing all the time. My poor baby.

The head banging is still going on... That's another thing bugging me.... we have no carpeting, just wood and tiles...can you say ouch! I have been trying to keep him busy so he wont think about hitting his head, but I cant sit on the floor with him all day long! Which brings me to his hearing aids...UGH....the kid rips them out as soon as I get them in! It is SO FRUSTRATING!!!! I sit here all day long...trying to feed him (solids)...which he throws I am basically cleaning up throw up all day long, I hold him so he wont pull his hearing aids out (which he does anyhow) and now, the head hitting! He is FINALLY starting to move his feet while holding both hands!!!!And he loves getting around in his walker! So that is a big start!

Kenny and Gina are starting to interact, which is SO nice to see. I get a big kick out of it every time I see them sitting there on the floor together I think to myself, "wow...this is what it would have been like with Kenny and NICK." It's very bittersweet. Gina is a funny little girl (or should I say...chubby) lol.... she knows exactly what she wants. She is starting to learn things at a fast pace now..which I think is good for Kenny. Now if I can just get her to show Kenny how to stand, walk, talk and eat...I'll be all set!

Speaking of crawling...he has put holes in ALL of his pants...and now that it's getting warm, he is wearing floors SUCK! I really don't want him crawling around and getting splinters from the wood or cuts from the broken tiles, so I have made my own knee pads for him! I cut old (clean) socks and use those around his knees (kinda like leg warmers)! He loves them! In this picture, you can see that his one eye is going in.Here is another picture of his eyes...I noticed in this picture, that only one eye has "red eye"...the other eye doesn't....anyone know what that means? I'm getting kinda scared here.
I have been meaning to take a picture of Kenny's hair after he gets out of the here it is!Look at these curls! I am planning my garden...yes...I am going to attempt it again! This time, I have moved it over to the side of our deck...even though...looking at still looks like I am going to get no sun...DARN! Anyhow...the kids kept picking out different veggies so we ended up with 2 flats of vegetables...I just have to fill the boxes with dirt and plant. Yeah...I have the time! HA!

Here is the "garden"...
And here are the plants...there are also 2 flats of flowers that I bought from little Tony through the Boy Scouts...more stuff to plant~!
We were also at the walk for Cystic Fibrosis at the Cleveland Zoo last weekend. We saw all of our friends that have CF, know someone that has it, and our friends that work and volunteer for CFF. We had a great time... it even held off raining til we were leaving!

I spy...with my little eye....a heart!
of course I had to get a group shot! This would include me jumping up and down and screaming like a lunatic to try to get them all to look at me and smile! LOL!
Gina getting her morning breakfast in before the walk.

And that is about it for the week. It's been beautiful out so I've been trying to keep busy OUTSIDE of the house rather than inside.

Have a wonderful day!


Unknown said...

You are one busy lady. Perhaps the wandering eye WILL be taken care of when you see the eye doctor. He might put a patch over the good eye so Kenny will have to work hard to see with the weaker eye. In any case, no sense to stress about it. You seem to be the kind of mother who can handle it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tristan is going to see his eye doc in June cause I've noticed what is called a "lazy" "wondering" eye, and Its best to get that corrected while he is young. Hope everything is okay with your sons.

We got Tristans hair cut for the first time not too long ago and I kept all his curls in a bag..I sure miss them. You will do the same.

Take Care!

Windi said...

Wow! What a life you live. I'm impressed! You have your hands full for sure. I'm praying for you and will continue to do so. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. I really appreciate it!

John and Jenna Gensic said...

I hope you get Kenny's eye issue resolved. I notice one of Mikan's eyes drift a little to the middle every once in awhile too. I first began to notice it when I was looking at pictures I took. He also had ROP and needed laser surgery. I'm not sure what lies ahead for him and I don't have any answers for you, but I just wanted to share that I am worried about the same things! :)


J9 said...

ok well i dont know about the wandering eye part, but if just one shows up with red eye on the camera, but not both, i dont think that is a big deal! I have had that happen a lot! ( and you know how many pictures i take!)
So leave that part out of your list of things to stress over.
Maybe the muscles in one of his eyes are weak or something and needs some eye therapy. I have no idea.
Your garden is going to be fantastic.
What kind of veggies grow there?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you are now having to deal with the worry over Kenny's eyes and the hearing aids and vomiting. You deserve the #1 mom award - your kids look so happy in that group shot, you are clearly doing an excellent job!!!