Tuesday, October 2, 2007

yet another update on Ken man!

Well....my little man is now 5 months old...can you believe it?! We have been through tons of doctor appts these last couple of weeks and it doesn't look like there is an end in sight! But that is oooookkkkkk! Kenny is now 8 lbs. 5 oz, and is doing just wonderfully. Me on the other hand....I feel like I was run over by a mack truck! Between Kenny wanting to be held all day long, his medications, going to one doctor or another, the oxygen and the apnea monitor and then you get all the other kids in there, and oooooh boy....can you say....I need a break! LOL! joking! Anyhow. He had his eye and hearing appointments today and he passed his eyes with flying colors...no ROP anywhere to be found! Yeay! His hearing was almost as good. His left ear is fine, but his right ear seems a little deaf...but only where he cant hear real quiet sounds...not too bad! He also went for an appt. for his hernia...which he will have it operated on on Thursday. He will be spending the night there because of his lungs and being sedated for the surgery. Other than that...he is my little miracle! All the doctors keep telling me is how amaizingly healthy and strong he is for being a 23 week-er! No Brain bleeds, no Cerebal Palsey, No blindness, not that much deafness also. His lungs are still pretty bad, but he is getting the shots for the RSV season, so hopefully that will help. I am just so happy that he is hopefully going to be ok...I have been terrified about something being horribly wrong with him. Next week, he has his cardiologist appt and his peds appt.
Oh...one little funny that I thought I'd share....you know how he has to wear his nasal cannula...well we tape it to his cheeks or his temples to hold it in place....the kid has some kind of weird skin...no tape...not even the doctors tape sticks to him! At the audiologist appt today, they had to put the electrodes on his head...nothing stuck! The nurse was totally baffled, saying that the stickiness on these things will stick to anything...yeah...except for my micro preemies skin! LOL!!!
Ok...that's pretty much all. I am sorry I haven't been posting much...WAY to busy!

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