Saturday, September 29, 2007

Another update

Kenny doesn't sleep very well at night and likes/wants to be held all only is definitely taking its toll on me! Monitors, oxygen, doctors appts, crying, taking care of all the kids AND the house stuff is so tough. I just wish Tony wouldn't have to work so much. I just have to keep telling myself that this is not forever and things will get better...right?!
I just want to say Happy Birthday to my beautiful little girls, Sydnie (4th) and Kayleigh (2nd)!
On a lighter note, I LOVE is getting so fall-ish outside now, the leaves are starting to fall and the kids have already played in a leaf pile they raked. Oh to be a kid again. I want them to grow up happy and healthy....all of my kids. I am only hoping that they all become responsible, happy kids who succeed in whatever they put their minds to. Fighting within a family is not worth it. Life is too short to worry about stupid stuff and money problems. GRRRR!
Anyhow....Love you all...and I mean ALL!

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