Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer is upon us...please be careful.

While driving, please keep a careful watch on motorcyclists. Yesterday while I was waiting in a doctor. Office...ok...a podiatrist..aka..foot doctor...#gettingoldwitharthritissucks, who's office is on the ground floor with windows and door right by the street, I saw a white work van cut off a motorcycle and kept going...while the cycle lost control, spun and slid on the street. The waiting room I was in was full, there was a lot of traffic...and I was the ONLY person that ran to help him. Thank god he only had a bad scrap on his whole forearm (not even the nurses came out with bandages or anything...i had to go in and ask for some!!) and had a couple of things broken on his new bike, but he was able to ride I home. It could have been a whole lot worse!!! 
I just can't get over that
1) the van never stopped.
2) no one helped this stunned/hurt guy
And 3) he wasn't wearing his helmet which was still strapped to the back of the bike as he left!

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