Tuesday, May 28, 2013

In My Mind

In my mind, you are perfect,
With your missing little tooth that all eyes are drawn to.
Big brown eyes that say a million words that you may never say.
Your smile melts my heart, warms my soul and makes me giggle
Just knowing you know.

In my mind, you are healthy,
You run, laugh, play and sleep.
You can hear a bird chirp and the wind rustling the leaves
The meds are just routine,
The feeds...a peace of mind.
There are no diagnosis's and there are no labels...just you.

In my mind, you are brilliant,
Chasing you out the door because you want to explore...
Lining things up ever so perfect,
Grouping things that are somehow connected...
Knowing but unable to voice an opinion, a request...a want.
A world of knowledge hidden behind a seemingly locked door.

In my mind, you are invincible,
Surviving under dire odds
Being feisty enough to pull through illness after illness...
Your pain tolerance is though the roof with everything you've been through.
Strong enough to try to do things on your own...wanting no one but needing someone

And yet...when you're around...I am scared.

Scared of losing you...
Scared of losing me...
Scared of losing life.

In my mind, I am scared.

1 comment:

Catherine W said...

Beautiful and heartbreaking, so full of love.