Saturday, September 15, 2012

Finally starting up posting again...

But will take a few moments to talk about something that I found for my house that makes it smell as clean as a house with...uh...not so many kids...tee hee.

I chose to buy the lavender defusser for my bathroom and the Figi apple/spice spray for my downstairs! No more dangerous candles for me. The smell that these throw off are just better than plug ins, because you can spray the spray anywhere...and the pretty delicate design of the diffuser looks great in my bathroom! I also could not get over how long lasting the scent lasted! I spray In the morning, and my house still smells good by the afternoon! I am in awe of this product! There are 4 great scents to choose from so whichever one your store carries, i'd recommend trying any one of these!

...this is a great product that I really wanted to share with my readers!
I do have coupons for these that I can get out to you. Just e-mail me!

...and now, back to the Tomecko Ecko after a slight summer break!

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