Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another milestone met!

We've wanted this for years and I'm proud to say that we finally have an eater! It took us breaking Kenny of his bottle and that cleansing of his digestive track, that last hospital stay, to finally get him to eat. He is now scarfing down blended/pureed foods, baby foods and even small pieces of non pureed foods! He was eating so much that I eased up on his tube feeds because I wanted him to want to eat and not be full from the liquid tube feeds. a real, healthy world that would be a good thing, which I thought it was...I mean, eating tons all day long means weight gain...woo hoo...right? Well, I made an appointment for him with the GI specialist as a follow up and also because I've noticed that ever since he started eating by mouth, he's had horrible diarrhea which I wanted answers to. So anyhow off to the doctor we went...with my hopes held high that my intuition of weight gain was right.

As we waited for them to call his name, I read several beginnings of books to Gina and Kenny...Boats, Planes and Trains, The Three Little Pigs, and an eye spy book, to name a few. They really weren't too interested in me reading to them...they were more interested in the little girl in the wheel chair and the Generation Doll that Kenny adopted as his own (ugh). Finally they called us. First things first...weigh and height. Dun..dun..dun...34.1 pounds...he LOST weight. Seriously? Ok...the award for Bad Mommy goes to...ME! How the heck did he lose weight? Was it the diarrhea? Was it the cutting back in tube feeds? Can you say I feel horrible that I let my son lose weight?!!! The doctor explained that because of the Pediasure that we stopped, the slowing down on the tube feeds and eating more foods by mouth that didn't have as much caloric value as the Boost Essential and Pediasure...could easily have caused the weight loss...then you add the diarrhea to the So now we are back on all tube feeds and adding fiber to his diet to help stop the...well..messy diapers...several times a day. Did I mention that changing a watery stool diaper of a five year old is NOT the same as doing the same of a 2 year far!

At least we have an eater and I am super proud of him for that! back to a tube feed.

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