Friday, June 22, 2012

Just a bump in the road....

Another crazy day in the life of being a Tomecko I suppose. My husband and I took 6 of the 7 kids with us to The Home Depot to get some flowers and look at sheds...yeah, crazy taking all of them, but it really wasn't too bad...that is, until we started on our journey home.
We all know how bumpy streets could get, but when you are in the back of a 12 passenger van going slower than the 35mph speed limit (because you know this bump all too well after hitting it a few times)...and all of a sudden, going over it threw the girls (wearing their shoulder belts) to the ceiling and shattered the side back window!
No one was hurt...just completely and utterly shaken up. The whole back window had that shattered weblike look to it...that is, until we continued driving on our way home...then all of the glass started falling out(mind you, the road was still as bumpy as ever).
As we pulled into our driveway, Tony and I just looked at each other and shook our heads...WHAT ELSE? What else could really didnt want to know. I immediately called the insurance company from the driveway, only to be told that it was the 500 deductible but she connected me to a car window place...their best price? Four hundred and eighty-nine dollars. Ugh...we're getting out of debt, and this is not what we needed. The next day, while i was at the police dept. Making a police report about the stupid city's street, Tony talked to one of his friends who did windows...needless to say, we got it down to almost half of what it would cost.
As of today, we still haven't heard from the city (who said they would pay for it). And 2, they (the city) has since shaved the bump and fixed it after putting up a big sign following my police visit which included taking a police officer to the bump...where he saw with his own eyes how dangerous it was!
Well, we are out around $300, but at least I know no one else will either get hurt or have their vehicle damaged from THEIR road!

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