Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's that time of year again...

...the time of year when I try to beg people raise money for the March of Dimes. I have been tossing the idea around of not doing it this year. Not because I am mad, ungrateful or indignant about the organization, its just out of pure exhaustion. This year I didn't want to do the whole "will you please help out cause" to all my friends and family. I'm getting tired of doing that. I wanted to do something special to raise money...and somehow, somewhere between donating my time baking for our fish Fry's, taking care of 7 kids and making Milestone shirts I have lost momentum. I figured that this year, yes, we will be walking as a honor of all our kids, especially Nick and Kenny...but I wont be raising money this year.
Yeah...I know...shame on me...but honestly, I just wanted to do something WITHOUT having to ask, beg or raise. I have nothing against March of Dimes, I am a very avid supporter in their cause. I just feel worn down, and I just need a break in the fundraising department...and next year, I will be back to trying to raise money...maybe with a fundraiser or a giveaway trying to beat a goal of $500 or so, but not this year. I am actually in awe of some of my friends who throw these huge fundraisers and get many donations from everywhere...sadly, I just dont have it in me this year.
We'll give our walking donation, but don't expect this person/family to be asking for donations from anyone (no disrespect to the March of Dimes). This year on April 29th we will join in the March of Dimes as Team Tomecko but we are just going to walk, walk as a family...for a reason of hope, love and to prove that their research does save lives.

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