Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The right to live...

I don't usually come on here talking politics...but I just got done reading something very disturbing....This was taken from the blog, Liberty Juice. Now I am not a very outspoken political person...I just so happen to see this article, and later saw the clips from the show that this was on, and just feel that no matter what stand you take politically, this is just not right....

Remember those death panels that Sarah Palin told us about that the liberals via the mainstream media tried so hard to make a mockery of every day on the nightly news? Remember the articles, the late night talk shows, the Democratic Congressmen and women who would laugh at the mere thought of something so ridiculous as that and bent over backwards to reassure the American people that of course there would be no such thing? Well, evidence shows us that death panels in socialized medicine isn’t so far fetched at all and maybe those crazy right-wingers were on to something.

A prominent British health care official associated with the country’s socialized medicine agency NHS is set to make a disturbing admission in an upcoming documentary: she thinks premature babies born at 23 weeks gestation should be left to die. Why? Cost concerns.

“If it was my child, from all the evidence and information that I know, I would not resuscitate,” Dr. Daphne Austin says in the BBC program 23 Week Babies: The Price of Life, reports London’s Daily Mail.

She continues: “We are doing more harm than good by resuscitating 23-weekers. I can’t think of very many interventions that have such poor outcomes. For me the big issue is that we’re spending an awful lot of money on treatments that have very marginal benefit. I would prefer to free up that money to spend on providing support to people who have much more lifelong chronic conditions.” [Emphasis added]

In even more stunning comments, Austin says that while parents should get a say, in reality they don’t speak for the baby: “There’s a lot of emphasis on the parents’ views and what they want. But somewhere in there, there needs to be an advocate for the baby.” The Assumption seems to be the baby would rather die.

Welcome to socialized medicine, America! Where some bureaucrat with an accounting ledger gets to make the decision if your precious baby will live or die based on the “bottom line cost.”

To me, a baby is a baby. I was shocked to see that if Kenny and Nick were born in the UK, then Kenny would not be here today,and I wouldn't not of had 2.5 beautiful days with my Nick. Sure, he's got his share of problems...but that hasn't or wont stop him from being a human being. His smile, his hugs, his soul...that's what matters. To just say that their lives are not going to amount to anything because of all the disabilities and medical care that these babies will need is complete garbage! What about murderers who end up in prison for life....that tax payers have to support. Who should say that one life is non-savable (if that's a word) while another is? No parent should have to watch their baby die right before their eyes because the government, and medical personnel decided that they wont have a good quality of life. Pretty soon all babies born with disabilities or chronic illness will be left to die...hey, isn't that what society wants? A perfect, healthy child that will not cost medicaid, the government or even the hospitals hundreds of thousands...and many times, millions of dollars? Shouldn't we all just stop thinking of the almighty dollar sign when it comes to human life and use what God has given us (well, the doctors & nurses)...the chance to save lives. To use the knowledge that God had instilled in many very smart and talented try everything to save the lives of even the smallest baby...because in life, there are no guarantees. Tomorrow you can wake up like every other day...go to work and end up in the ER because of an can end up with a serious injury...but you know what? You'd still be'd still fight to live and want them to save you.

*I have to add that not only can this IS happening in our country! We are talking about the insurance companies that wont cover things like equipment or even life saving procedures. It goes on around us every day!!!

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