Monday, March 21, 2011

At the hospital...

Well, I am writing this while waiting for Kenny to get done with his sedated MRI. Yep, lots of coffee and pretzel nuggets & Fritos for us (in the break room). While under, there are gong to be drawing the blood for his immunologist and also getting a urine sample fir his metabolic testing. All throughout this morning all I hear the doctors saying is that he has microcephaly. We were told this before, but just assumed that it was from his failure to thrive....well, I guess now it's starting to be a bigger problem. I decided to look online (on the iPod that I'm using) to see exactly what we are looking at....ugggh...that will teach me to look up a diagnosis online. It's pretty grim...but it does explain his delays and his seizures Very disheartening to say the least. No matter what, my son is perfect! What scares me is the fact of losing another child. I honestly don't think I can do it again. I know God is in control over everything and our children are just borrowed from The Big Guy Upstairs, but why do parents have to suffer from a chronically Ill child or the death of a child. There has got to be a reason...I know with Nick, it was so I can help other parents work through losing a child....and maybe, having our Kenny is doing the same thing. But why? I know some people just think of having a chronically ill child as nothing, just a lot of hospital stays or eh...your child LOOKS great...but when it comes tight down to's constant worrying if tomorrow never happens, when will the next hospital stay be...and for how long, what diagnosis is going to be given next? It's an every day battle. An every day worry. An every day struggle.

God has blessed Tony, myself, our kids and family with Kenny and also the memory of Nick. The struggles, worries, and even the hospital stays...God is with us all.
Oh...and 11:11 has made it's appearance two times to us today (I'll explain in my next post). to go...Kenny will be coming out to recovery soon!

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Cyndi said...

Hey Michele. Just want you to know I'm praying for you guys. I know He has a plan but sometimes we need a little extra support to watch it carried out. Sending lots of long distance hugs too.