Thursday, June 10, 2010

Eye patches and more

Well today is the first day of eye patching for Kenny. The ophthalmologist saw Kenny on Wednesday and said that he has considerable scar tissue on his retinas from the ROP and laser eye surgery that he had when he was in the NICU. This is the "complications" that we have heard about with the ROP/surgery. Glasses are not an option...I forgot the reason...but the doc told us that he will need surgery in both eyes, but not right now.
He is actually doing amazingly great with wearing the patch...he's not even attempting to rip it off! YAY!!!

Not too much more has been going on these last few days...Kenny and Gina have been really enjoying the deck and playing from morning to night on there. I am hoping that this will keep Kenny from getting any sickness that may be lurking around.

Next week Kenny will be going to start preschool at a local elementary school. He will be getting his therapies all in (ot,pt,and speech)...I am so excited about this. The only problem is that they have him down as school transportation...not too sure about this. I think I would feel much more comfortable if I drove and picked up. We'll see how it goes.

The older kids have been addicted to Glee. Oh is recorded on our TV. I think I know every word to every episode! LOL So, while they are not watching Glee, I've been hearing how bored they are..and they are very vocal about it. To me, it's my "Welcome to Summer" vocabulary which I am way to familiar with. So I am trying to find fun (inexpensive) things to do with 7 kids...from almost 13-1.5. Its not that easy. In the meantime, it's back to the summer dayz...enjoying the corn on the cob, summer fruits - peaches, melons, and favorites!

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