Friday, May 14, 2010

God is good...

Its been pretty quiet here at the Tomecko one sick (watch I just cursed it).We celebrated Kenny's (and Nicks) birthday with all the family. We had a really good time. The best part of the party was when we were singing "Happy Birthday" and Kenny, just out of the blue, looked up at the sky...almost as if he was looking at Nick. When we were singing, we sang to Kenny AND I am sure that he was right by Kenny the whole time (at least I can only pray). He got a lot of summer clothes and developmental toys...which he desperately needed...not to mention cool shades and a couple of bouncy balls. LOL!
Kenny did "graduate" from the Help Me Grow Program. So we had to say goodbye to all the people that have been there with us through the first 3 years of Kenny's life. Yes, it was sad...I admit, I cried like a baby saying goodbye to everyone. I am though, pretty excited (and scared at the same time) about what the future has in store for Kenny and us. He is all signed up for preschool. His preschool will be working with him in all aspects of his disabilities...that is what I am very excited about. I am still trying to find out how to go about getting Respite care for him. We have started up on his PT/OT at the school for him....He really likes it! I cant wait for him to really get involved. really HAS been pretty uneventful...LOL...lets see, Tony (husband) has been bombarded with work which is wonderful...I mean, he is working nonstop usually til 4-5 in the morning, but we are thankful that the jobs are coming in again. The two biggest jobs were Cystic Fibrosis walks and an American Cancer Society street banner that is 45' across both sides.

And while he's working making signs, I get to deal with 2 toddlers that love to get into mischief! Gina is a handful lately! Note to anyone that is thinking of getting a freezer at the bottom refrigerator...DONT! Gina is in there ALL THE TIME...nothing works with keeping her out of it! The minute I sit down...bam..I hear her in the kitchen and its up and about again! LOL who needs a workout at the local gym, I have 2 very active toddlers!

I also want to ask you all to please stop and take a few minutes out of your day to just reflect on what you have. I mean, yeah, we all have our bad days but thank God (or whoever you worship) for all that you DO have. I know I sit and complain about how small my house is, how much Kenny has to go through and this and that...but, I AM so grateful and thankful to God that I have a wonderful husband and that we love each very much. I am grateful for my children because they are all perfect, no matter what. Yes, I could get so ticked off at them for not listening, cleaning or fighting with each other, but they are really good kids...they have great souls ;). I am also very blessed to have a great family (sisters, parents, in-laws, nieces/nephews, etc.) and friends. Helped us through many troubled times.

I am thankful that God has blessed us with so many...I mean, wow...8 children...and we are able to provide, love and take care of them all....just in a cramped little house. Which brings me to my next blessing, our home. Yes its small, falling apart(literally) around us, but least we have a place to call home.

I know, at times have lost faith and hope, but then God surprises me and shows me that things will be alright. I have learned from a few friends whom I have never met, but feel a very strong friendship bond with these ladies...they have shown me that no matter what, life goes on and faith above fear! My one friend has fought cancer and is now dealing with the fact that her husband is losing his hard fight with cancer as well. They have never given up or lost faith. They are taking it day by day with dignity, courage and faith. Her blog is Making the Lemonade of Life. Her, her husband and her children could use all the prayers, good will, and positive thoughts that you all could give them!

The other one of my friends, her son is battling Mitochondrial disease. She has a Caringbridge site for her son in which you can read her sons fight... HERE. He is the same age as Kenny and has been in the hospital probably more than at home. Her and her husband have another child as well...needless to say, it has been such a tough long road with their little guy...and the future is so up in the air with him...they could really use your prayers as well. No matter what these strong and amazing women have been through, are going through and will be facing in their futures...they always have such kind words and big hearts for others...not to mention their faith is overflowing...I am at awe when I think of these friends of mine.


J9 said...

love ya M!!!

Michele said...

Thanks J9, love ya too!