Saturday, May 29, 2010

Goodbye school, Hello summer!

Its been forever since Ive posted. Life has been keeping me very busy this last month.
-The garden is in...woo hoo.
-Kenny has been going to OT/PT once a week.
-Its been so warm the kids have been playing it gives me a chance to get some sun and enjoy the beautiful weather...sure beats being confined to the same four walls of the house...blah.
-We have been fighting a horrible ant problem in the house (just like every year).
-And because of the heavy storms that we have been having, our one side off our house (the side with the wall that out. It is really starting to pull the steps and wall away even more! Its really looking bad and we don't know what we are going to do with it (come on EMHE teehee)
-I am so happy that in this last month, no one (knockonwood) has been/gotten sick.
-Kenny has been trying to eat a little more variety of foods lately...spaghetti o's, small pieces of bread, pudding, and finely shredded cheese. Now the spaghetti o's he has had a hard time keeping them in...he threw them up not sure what that's all about...but the pudding and cheese have been a good choice that he seems to enjoy.

I really think the fresh air and sunshine are very good for him...actually good for everyone. This weather just makes me feel refreshed and honestly feel good about life. Sure, we have our share of problems...but being outside with the kids...playing in the sprinkler, the baby pool, shooting hoops in Jerry's driveway (our neighbor that passed away), working in the garden or just is so refreshing.

Yesterday was the last day of school for my four older kids. The last few days of school always brings a tear to my eyes. We started off with Lunch with a loved one on Thursday. This is where we go to the school with a lunch of our choice (which is usually McDonald's or Burger King) and just spend lunch with our child...or in our case...4 kids. Of course, we bring all the kids and have a blast! After we eat, we go outside and the kids just play with their friends and I take tons of pictures. I just cant believe that my oldest child will now be going into 7th about "where has the time gone". Wasn't I teaching him how to walk and talk? Wasn't it just yesterday that I was crying my eyes out because my baby was starting Kindergarten? Where has the time gone?

I have made it a point to try to enjoy every moment of my kids lives. Yes, this includes all the fighting that goes on between them (lol). I am going to start listening to them more. I am going to try to do more things with them. I am going to enjoy the greatest gift God has given Tony and I....our big family. I am going to laugh at the spills and messes that are made. I am not going to freak out about the house not being perfect...because it wont be...not with 7 kids, not with the fact that it is just old. I am going to enjoy the little things in life...the small miracles that is given to us daily...we are here...alive. I have great friends and family. We have our health...ok, so Kenny is not so healthy but he is here and he is happy....that is all that matters. I will enjoy the time when he is NOT in the hospital. I am just going to take life a little slower.

With it being the end of the school year, many families that we have befriended at the school are moving on, so it was another year of goodbyes. There was a prayer service that ended the school year...where the teachers along with the principal and the pastor all bless the students...something that I look forward to every year and is very special and meaningful to all everyone.

My kids did very well this year. I am just very proud of them. With everything that they have been through this year with Kenny in and out of the hospital pretty much from fall through spring, our neighbor passing away, and with me getting sick, they all did awesome. So as a special treat to them, I decided to treat them to lunch at Eat N Park with my friends and their kids. It was a riot! 14 kids and 3 adults in a restaurant...thank goodness they put us in the very back. But honestly, they were pretty good!

So another school year has come and gone...and yes, we all survived. Here's to the summer and what it will it something small or big...I welcome you and look forward to my favorite time of year!

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