Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Full of hope

So for the past couple of days, things around the Tomecko house has should I say it...interesting. It seems like out of the blue, Kenny is starting to get things....I things! The other day we had buttered noodles...he wanted some so I put some on his tray. He started eating them, and eating them, and eating them....I looked on his seat and the floor to pick up the pieces...and there were barely any there! He was actually eating them!!! WOO HOO!!! So then last night I made hot dogs, pork & beans, and mac & cheese....put some on his tray....GONE!!! woop woop!!! He is actually chewing and swallowing the food! You just don't know how happy we are here! So on top of the eating thing...he is walking about 95% of the time too!!! For a little boy that we thought would never this...God is so good! He is very shaky and falls a lot, but he's got it...and he is so happy...WE are so happy!

He is also interacting more with the kids...yesterday I was in the kitchen making dinner...I see Gina running into the kitchen laughing and looking over her shoulder...Kenny is crawling...but chasing her around...both laughing and following each other! Yes, I had a tear in my eye!!!

I strongly believe that Gina is teaching Kenny so much! She is talking, walking, eating, and playing with and around why not?! is gonna be a good day!


Anonymous said...

You made my day with this entry!

KristinMarieCA said...

After doing some googling, I've stumbled across your blog. Am I ever glad I did. Your story has touched me deeply, and I could not help but let you know. I am 13 weeks pregnant, with twins...And I, too, have a bicornuate uterus. I am scared to death. I mean, I am ecstatic at the prospect of expanding my family. But I'm so, so worried about my babies well being. My condition is not very severe, but my daughter was delivered via c-section at 38 weeks because she was breech. She just didn't have enough room to turn. You have a beautiful family. Your son Kenny is one strong little boy - and you are strong for making it through all of this! Just wanted to send you and your family all kinds of blessings. I'll be following your blog now - I am hooked. All the best.

Tim said...

That is AWESOME!!!

YAAYY Kenny!

Brought tears to my eyes too! God is so good. Cant wait to see more of his big moments.

Love and Prayers,