Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence within

May we take a few moments to think about what this day is all about. Take this moment to pray for our soldiers who are protecting our freedom. Our soldiers who cannot be here having cookouts or watching fireworks with their loved ones. May God bless you all and watch over you. And for those that have fought and come back...may this day hold even more meaning for you...thank you for everything you have done for our country. Lets also remember those that we have lost for our gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country...thank you.

Kenny LOVED seeing fireworks! He kept pointing to where they were going off...and for the finale...his eyes were squinting but he had the look of amazement on his was priceless!

My oldest having fun watching the fireworks! You know, to see your the true kid come out is so neat to always seems like watching fireworks brings it out! No matter how old you are, fireworks makes you a kid again!
This one is of Kenny walking in the grass...he has massive sensory issues, so he really didn't like the feel of grass on his hands...and thank God he was wearing jeans because his legs are 10 times worse! He managed to get around and get used to it. I guess it is just going to take some time and lots of work!
I love the expressions on their faces watching the fireworks!
Kenny pointing at them! He was so excited!
So that is how our July 3rd went! Like I said, this week has been very busy with doctor appts, and therapy. It has been rainy and cold so the kids haven't missed much. Kenny is really starting to catch on to things being taught in PT. Now if he would just keep his hearing aids in.

The older kids had fun too! Taylor and Morgan have been over my sisters house, in PA for a week (its my kids version of vacation)...they are having so much fun there. Thanks Jackie for taking them this past week! And Tony went fishing with his big cousins, John, Tina and Ray...he has more fun doing guy things with them...Thank you for taking him for a few days...he wont stop talking about the fun he had with you!!!
I also want to wish my oldest daughter, Taylor, a very Happy Birthday! 10 years ago tonight, my water broke before we were going to go see fireworks...I had my little "TNT" at 3:56 in the morning on the 5th! She was my first girl out of 5, and so sweet and beautiful. I cant believe that it has been 10 years since that day. Why do I remember it like it was yesterday? Why does time have to go by SO fast. Thank you Taylor for being a wonderful, smart, happy, polite, caring, loving young lady. May the next 10 make you independent, successful, along with all of the above. Don't lose yourself to others. Stay strong, loyal to yourself, and make the right choices.

I thought the first 10 years were tough...I am so nervous for the next.
I love you sweetie!
Oh...and can someone please tell my youngest daughter, Gina...NOT to eat Earwigs! Oh yeah, she did...and let me tell you, not fun to fish out of her mouth! Ahhh...the joys of motherhood!

I have one last picture to end this post. The other day I put Kenny down for his nap. I had Gina crawling around...then...everything went silent. I was thinking to myself...what is Gina getting into now...because every mother knows...when a usual noisy house gets quiet, someone is getting into something they shouldnt....well...this is what I found...
Gina grabbed the blanket off of Kenny and cuddled up to him! God, I love my kids!

Have a very safe and happy Independence Day!
Remember the reason for this wonderful day...
God Bless America!

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Becki said...

What great pictures showing Kenny's enthusiasm :) Thanks for sharing.