Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Today, the little things...tomorrow, the world!

So...with all the posts that have been sad and disappointing, the feeling of why is this happening to us. The being exhausted because of the raw reality of everything...I figured that tonight I am going to write a post with positives. Today was a good day, it really was! Yes, there was the typical Kenny banging his head on the ground, the "UUUHH" that he says...all the time...he reminds me of a caveman...kinda funny yet sad and irritating *yeah..I said irritating, because it is*. I would be so happy if one day he would just say a word...any word would do, to just say a word and mean it. But...that will come in due time...I know that.

Tonight was a big milestone for our little Kenny. Tonight, for the first time in his 25 months of being on this earth, Kenny swallowed a pea and a carrot (canned, because they are softer). Tony and I had tears in our eyes. We were all sitting around the table eating dinner...we had BBQ pork chops with mashed potatoes, corn and peas and carrots...so, I gave him some on his tray and he is putting them in his mouth, like he's been doing but he usually spits out or saves for 2 hours, and then the next thing I see, is the carrot slice and a pea...gone...not on the ground, not in his lap or chair....DOWN HIS THROAT!! There is a God...and he is good!

He didn't even throw up. We all then started to clap and make a big production out of it. I mean...for months I've been cleaning up throw up ever time he eats...tonight was different! I am so happy for him. You should have seen the look of accomplishment on his face...smiling from ear to ear and pointing at everyone...as we were clapping for him! I know we are a long way from normalcy, but it is a great start!

So, then...the next little excitement that I have to share that Kenny AGAIN amazed us with tonight...
he put the stars ON the toy...he has been taking them off, but tonight, he used his coordination to actually put something on...almost stacking them! I am telling you...the little things in life are the best, these are the things that matter in life...not cars, houses, money...just the little things!

My son, Tony came home from his Boy Scout meeting last night with pink and white carnations for me...Melted my heart! Still has an attitude, but he wouldn't be Tony if he didn't have one.
Taylor and Morgan both wanted their hair high lighted...so my sister did it for them...UGH...I am in trouble! They are little ladies in the making! Beautiful! And they LOVED being pampered!
And lets see...Sydnie and Kayleigh are loving the blow up pool we got for the deck...they are in it all the time! Kayleigh is excited because she found the first tomato on the many plants we have...very happy...see...the little things...

Gina has now been trying to stand without assistance...um...hello...werent you just born a few months ago...oh wait...it's been almost a year! Where has the time gone? Have I been that wrapped up in Dr. appt., therapy appts., school functions, bills, house cleaning, laundry, everyday life to just not see where these 11 months have gone? I must make note to self to really try to stop and take in everything that this life has to offer me. My kids are growing up before my eyes and I want them to know that I love and appreciate them for being them. I love their little quirky things that they do and say. Yes, I do wish that they wouldn't fight so much, and that they would help me clean the house, but they are kids, my kids and I love them no matter what...Our house is very loud...let me tell you...we have got to be the loudest family on the street...we have to close our windows sometimes when the kids fight...Its the Italian coming out in them...LOL!!!

Anyhow, today was a good day. A day that I needed to sit and see everything that I have in front of me...a great husband, wonderful(most of the time) kids who always keeps me busy, on my toes and my mind working....and a fantastic support system of friends and family.
*and still praying for Extreme Makeover Home Edition to come our way! LOL!!! *


John and Jenna Gensic said...

Congratulations Kenny! What a huge step! I hope his feeding continues to improve!


Michele said...

Thanks Jenna,
I hope this is the "hump" and that it is all going to be good from this point on....it probably wont be, but at least it is a start and a big step for our little guy!
If Kenny only knew the cheerleaders that he has rooting for him!LOL!!

Quadmama said...

Great job Kenny!!!! What exciting milestones. And yes... you are in trouble with the "girly girls." I just painted my daughters' fingernails for the first time and now they want "colors" on their fingers every day.

Anonymous said...

Yae Kenny...we are proud of you!!!! Today peas, tomorrow chicken nuggets!!!

U Eddie, A Stacey, ALT and HPT

Annamaria McDonald said...

I JUST LOVED READING THIS BLOG! It was beautiful to read. I am so happy that Kenny has BIG accomplishments. I hope he gets his helmet soon. I think of you often and we have to get the girls together. I miss you much and give kisses to all the little ones for me. I can't wait to see all the new hairdos!


Unknown said...

Such a big step for your little boy. That's great news.