Saturday, June 20, 2009

A father X's 8

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads, ,Grandfathers, God Fathers and soon-to-be Dads!

Funny how when you are a kid, you don't think that you will ever be called a "mom" or "dad"...but when you hold your child for the first time....your heart is theirs forever!

Being a dad is so much more than giving you child life. It is about being loving and responsive to your child. Take time from the busy life you lead to spend doing something...anything...even read a book to them. Being a dad is about having rules and guidelines, to show boundaries but also teach your child that they can and should be a kid and that it's ok to make mistakes. To listen and really hear what your little one is telling you and to let them be able to grow into their own personality.

There is nothing better than to hear a child laugh and tell you they love you...hold onto that because when they start the preteen wont hear it for a while....and if you do, it is not all that do know they love you even if they don't say it!

I want to wish my dad a very happy Father's Day. You live far away but I love you with all my heart. I remember growing up and being so proud that my daddy was a mail man! I mean, how many kids can actually say was right up there with police officer, firefighter, get the idea. I saw how loving you were to mom and to all of us...but also I saw your strict side when it came down to it. Growing up, I saw your strong, patriarch of the family side and when John died, I saw how you needed to be comforted. To be able to understand life, you have to live it...and feel it...and that you did. Thank you for being the best daddy ever. With everything you and mom have been are still compassionate, loving, understanding, funny and there for us kids when we need an ear.

My husband always told me...from when we first stared dating (and still tells me) did your dad do it? How the heck did he raise 6 girls? I have to answer that with...he let us be us...with a little encouragement and discipline.

I also want to wish my husband a very Happy Father's Day. I still remember the day I told you that I was pregnant for the first time. I was so scared and nervous. It was a whole new life for you and I. You sat with me at the hospital, every night after you got out of work...for 5 weeks...that is when you became a dad.

You take time out of your busy work day to help me with one of the kids or to play a little bit of basketball with one of the coach baseball for two teams...and still manage to get your work done. WOW. I am so glad that you are in my life and our kids lives.

We've been through so much...kinda like my parents...funny how our lives are parallel. We never expected or ever thought that we would have so many sometimes throws in a curve ball....but I am so glad that we are in this together...yeah, we have our moments, but so does everyone. I think that if we could make it through 8 kids, NICU life, death of a child, financial setbacks (I say this term loosely...or maybe I should have said, "economic death-drop". LOL...Hey... I think I made up a new term! USING IT!!! HA!), raising a child with multiple problems and still have time for each other, we will make it through anything.

You are a strong, loving and devoted man, husband, father, son and friend. I want to thank you for being in my life. I want to thank God for giving you to me. And I want to thank your parents for giving you life and raising you to be the person that you are today. I am very proud to call you my husband and the father of my kids.
I want to give you the world, but my heart will have to do!

This shirt says it all (I just had Gina added yesterday)! all you Dads, Grandfathers, God Fathers and Soon-to-be-Dads...Have a very Happy and Blessed Father's Day. Thank you for being part of one of Gods greatest

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Tim said...

Happy Father's Day to all who are Fathers or have been!

I just love getting shirts like that and i wear them with pride!

Love and Prayers,