Thursday, May 24, 2007

5/24 update

Hi everyone. Just want to update you on Kenny...since everyone is asking...He is doing EXCELLENT!!!!! I called over to the NICU this morning, and his nurse told me that he had a great night and morning. That they lowered his oxygen on his ventilator to 39%, his blood gas levels are wonderful and that he loves his steroids! Tony says that he will be a baseball player because of all of the "roids"! LOL!!! Anyhow, his brain scan came back brain bleeds! They took him off the morphine drip and are weening him off of it slowly. If he keeps doing good, they plan on tube feeding him 1cc of my breast milk in a few days...the whole top shelf of the freezer, at the NICU, is filled with bottles that I have pumped...I am quite the milking machine. LOL!!! I'm doing good too. I have my moments of crying, but knowing that Kenny is going good, I feel good. It just seems so unreal, all of this. I was barely pregnant, didnt have any contractions so I didnt really feel like I was having my guys. It is just like...kinda a weird thing that I have a little baby again, but I dont...just weird thats all. Here are some pics:

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