Saturday, May 28, 2016

Just Yesterday...

How is it possible that you are graduating high school?

Wasn't it just yesterday that I graduated high school? Said goodbye to all my close friends and the life I knew best...8 hours of school...

Wasn't it just yesterday that I slowly found my way into this thing they call...adulthood? Lots of college classes, new friends, staying up and out late at the clubs, finding a real in retail or fast adulthood job...

Wasn't it just yesterday that I peed on a stick and was excited and scared at the same time at what was about to become my new life...taking care of a new life? 

Wasn't it yesterday that I learned what it was to be a mom for the first time. Changing diapers, cleaning up spit-up...and dealing with your colic? Where dad and I tag teamed late night (all nighters) rocking you to console you from crying...listening to Chicago...over and over again. God, I can relive every moment of that time just by listening to their songs.
Wasn't it just yesterday that you took your first steps, recited every baseball players name that was on the Indians in 1998...and we had people looking at us like you were a freak of nature, because there was no way a 10 month old could actually be talking this well...let alone recite a whole baseball team!

Wasn't it just yesterday that you went crazy over your new by one.
Wasn't it just yesterday that you started kindergarten. I remember crying a little bit because my first born was going off to school...just starting your school years. Making sure your shirt was perfectly tucked into your pants because if there was a little bit of'd flip out. I had to make sure your belt wasnt fastened too tight, the seam on your socks weren't irritating your feet, and your hair had to be just right...

Wasn't it just yesterday that I got sooo irritated with you for wanting a sippy cup of strawberry milk or Sunny D late at night, when I was so exhausted from taking care of your little sister, but got it for you anyhow...and how you looked at me with a smile...and your eyes crinkled up as you said, "thanks momma, I love you".
Wasn't it Just yesterday that you loved Boy Scouts, Monster Trucks, Skateboarding at Chenga, playing computer games (Nancy Drew, Freddy Fish, Lego)?
Wasn't it just yesterday that you had your 8th grade clap out? I was so excited for you...yet nervous for you to be going into high school.
Wasn't it just yesterday that you cried and didnt want to be in marching band...yet I knew...I just knew that you had something special with your self taught talent on the drums...I just knew you'd love it.

These last 4 years we've been blessed with sharing your high school years with you. The band events, the dances, the prom...
We've watched you transform from a boy to a young man right before our very eyes.
Wasn't it just yesterday that all these memories have been filling my head. How proud dad and I are of you that you will be graduating high school and starting your adult life. 
I'm not going to lie when I say that the road we took raising you wasn't still is. You are very much like the best and worst of both dad and I...but know that we love you, care for you and want the Now all the yesterday memories are flooding in and my...our oldest child...our first born, will be graduating high school. There are too many emotions that come with this feat...happy, excited, proud, scared, nervous...and yet a little sad because that I wish I could go back in time and change many things (being a parent isnt a very easy job...with no "how to" manual)...Yet I know, that because of the yesterdays, you are you today...and for that, I am proud of you and feel a sort of accomplishment as a parent. 

I cant wait to see what the next 18 years of tomorrows brings. 

I...we love you

Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Special Communion and 9th Birthday

We celebrated Kenny's 9th birthday along with his and Gina's First Holy Communion a few weeks ago.  So, keeping up with my crazy...boring life....I decided to have a huge blow out with family and friends. With Kenny & Gina being the last of our kids making their communions...we had to end it in style...and that we did!!!

I made Gina's headpiece like I have for every one of my daughters. I made them with painted metal tiaras encrusted with Swarovski crystals, beads and rhinestones. They have the options of wearing them for their wedding day.
 And, because Gina is rough and tumble tomboy...I wanted to surprise her with white high tops to wear under her communion dress...
 Of course, I had to make Kenny his Milestones for Micros shirt...I mean, we were gonna be celebrating his birthday that day as well!
 The morning went without a hitch, I mean...who needs sleep. 7-8...or 3 difference! haahaa
Only reason I stayed up late was because I was getting the food ready to be thrown in the ovens,
the salad and the veggies cut up, the cupcakes frosted, the house decorated....and of course...the clothes and showers done.
We and Kenny's PSR teacher have been working with Kenny to take the host and sip wine, like Gina and the rest of the kids
...but in the end, just be getting a communion blessing is all we could get out of him...which was perfectly fine. When the time comes that he willingly puts the bread and wine to his lips, he will then receive communion...until that time, he understands and can go through mass like every other communicant.
I love these pictures of Gina receiving her first communion. She is such a blessing to me. I love her spunky, laid back ways. She is so smart and helpful with her brother that sometimes she even sees herself as a big sister to Kenny.
(this one is my favorite)
This is Kenny getting his blessing
God knows that he tried. He did do everything else...except for the host and wine to the wasn't gonna happen.
So we made it more about him being and doing what his peers were doing. We want him to be as typical as possible. To experience everything a typical child his age he doesn't feel "different"...and we are holding true to this!

Here are Kenny and Gina doing their songs for the service...
 We have a wonderful family picture of the kids...
 and with Grandma & Grandpa Tomecko
 And Auntie Denise (my oldest sister) and Uncle Eddie (my husbands twin)
Here they are with their PSR teacher whom I give all the credit in the world to. She never had a special needs communicant in her class, so it was quite challenging...but she really pulled it off and made Kenny feel welcomed. Not to mention, she helped show the other kids in the class what being a true christian was all about. The kids all took Kenny under their wings and really were wonderful with him.
And we even got a great family picture of our clan...We actually do clean up well...

After the church service, we went back to the house to set up and
put out the food which I was preparing all week long.
it included Eggplant Parmesan,

  city chicken,
sausage and sauerkraut, ham, roasted veggies and a huge salad.
Then family brought even more food.
To top it off, instead of a simple cake, I made a gazillion cupcakes, all different flavors!

There, we greeted all of our family and friends. It was such a nice turnout! We feel very blessed to have so many great friends and family members that are part of our lives...truly blessed.

We also sang Happy Birthday to Kenny (and Nick in Heaven)...
(Kenny is standing next to his best friend Claire, who is in his class at school. They share the same speech therapist as well. He loves her so much)
 Notice how he was trying to blow out the candle!!!!
He always has to hug!
Gina was having a great time at her party...but couldn't wait to get out of her dress!
Kenny was excited to open up his gifts. to get these Thank You cards addressed and out.

Onto the next events to end this school year:

A seventh grade dance,
A prom/after prom (that tony and I are on the committee for)
Graduation from high school/grad party!
...did I mention, I still have to plant my vegetable garden and flower beds?