Saturday, October 24, 2015

Grahams Foundation....

Please support Parents of Preemies Day, a worldwide day of awareness produced by Graham’s Foundation. Parents of Preemies Day recognizes the courage and commitment it takes to stay strong and resilient when premature birth turns a family’s world upside down. Each year, 13 million babies are born prematurely across the globe and though medical breakthroughs continue to improve outcomes for preemies, experts are only now beginning to understand the intense psychological effects that premature birth has on moms and dads.
Here are just some of the ways you can celebrate Parents of Preemie’s Day, whether you’re a preemie parent or someone who cares about a family with a preemie:
Check to find out if there is an event happening in your area and if so, register. The first Sunday in May is going to be a great time!
Share your family’s story on the Parents of Preemies Day Facebook page.
Connect with other parents of preemies at the next #ParentsofPreemiesDay Twitter chat! Jump into the conversation using hashtag #ParentsofPreemiesDay to talk about how moms and dads can celebrate being parents of preemies.
Bloggers, visit the Parents of Preemies Day website and grab a badge for your sidebar – then create a Parents of Preemies Day post to tell the world why you’re proud to be a preemie mom or dad. Email a link to your post to christa @ and we’ll post it on the website!
Visit the Parents of Preemies Day website for ideas about what you can do to support moms and dads of preemies.

Friday, October 23, 2015

A phone call...never expected...

I'm sitting here at home just doing laundry when the phone rings. I answer it and who is it on the other youngest son, KENNY! He called me from school (with help from his teachers)! He learned our phone number and they let him call home!!! My smile is interrupted with some happy tears!!! This is a huge milestone! For my 8 year old, special needs son to call home...HUGE!
This is one happy momma!
He then brings home and takes this out of his backpack....he is such a proud little boy today!!!
(don't mind the chapped chin...he has a habit of drooling and licking his lower lip, hence the chapped look)
I also finished up another decoration to the yard...
Packaging tape ghost!
Still have a lot more to do...but this is what I have so far!
Today is a good day!

The time has come...

The time has come to finally decide on a Make A Wish for Kenny. We rattled our brains to pick the very best...something he would really, really love...and it kept coming back to the same thing. The one thing that he has loved since he understood what songs/music was....Andy Gibb and the Bee Gees. Sure, We know that Barry Gibb is the only living Gibb brother, but we wanted something that would pertain to Kenny...and he just loves the music...the sound of the Gibbs voices.
(this picture was taken years ago...)
Something about Andy Gibb, Barry Gibb and the Bee Gees...he can sit and watch/listen to them for hours (which is a rarity).
So we decided on something pertaining to the Gibb Brothers...also Give Kids The World/Disney.
Time will tell if this is possible, but I am confident in our decision as to what his WISH should be...and for that, my heart is full of contentment
happy we
because of
(taken a few days ago)
 To see my little boy so enthralled in a song...songs by Andy and the Gibb Brothers. To be trying to imitate and makes my heart melt!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Many thing...including a Make A Wish!!

I know its picture overload, but I am very proud of the yard. I am still not finished...I have more tombstones to put in and also I am working on a large ghost...but so far, this is what I have.
Not to mention, it takes my mind off of the fact that I still cant find Kenny's hearing aid which he lost last Saturday...its gone. I've looked in every every corner. I'm sure he put it in something...its just not showing up. ugh. And also...Kenny is getting a Make A Wish! I'm not sure how I'm feeling about this...especially since I know that it is for very sick kids who are fighting to live. I know in my heart that he deserves this...but my brain cant wrap my head around the fact that my surviving twin son who has fought so hard to live...and has caused a lot of anxiety for me (in terms of his health and developmentally). I cant fathom losing another child...I just cant. But I know that it is a very strong possibility...reality that wracks my brain nightly...especially after a very trying day of tantrums and me feeling guilty for yelling and wanting him and normal!
Getting the call from them...hit me like a ton of bricks. "KENNY GOT APPROVED FOR A WISH"...excitement and sorrow hit me at the same time. I was left speechless. A simple thank you so very much came out of my mouth as a wave of grief hit me. How is it that MY son....the son who fought so hard to live, have a "shorter life expectancy than normal". Does that mean burying another child? Because...if that's the case, life really sucks! A parent shouldn't have to worry about burying a child...let alone 2! And then I think...all those that I have scorned...that have "unfriended" me because of my actions (or lack of) and words? I know I have not been a very great person these last 8 years. I have not completely been there for those I honestly love and...yeah...miss. But, when it comes to a child whom I've had so many ups and downs with...spent many days in the hospital worrying if he would come home...then have to care for him day after day, night after night...more so than a typical child. The lack of respite is to blame...and yeah, I guess, because of my short temperedness and momma bear instincts, I am at fault too. So...Kenny is granted a Wish...and Monday, the volunteers will be out to meet our family and figure out a great wish for him. Please say a prayer that I get through this with no tears.
So this whole Halloween Cemetery Yard is pretty much my project that I threw myself into...momma also needs an outlet for all the anxiety and just so happens, that I take it out creatively...writing, art and...well...this, creative expressionism...see...I went to college and am using my college terminology...haahaaa.
I feel a since of pride and accomplishment in stuff like makes me...ME!

If anyone knows me...I love the holidays! So to use my creative ideas for our boring, bland side yard....I just HAD to make it into a graveyard! I still have more to do, but 2 weeks before Halloween...this is what I have. I just put in the green (and red for the pumpkin rot) lighting, and added the webbing! LOVE IT...and hope you do to!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Paper mache project continued...and the yard is transformed!

In my last post, I left off where I coated the pumpkin heads with a asphalt filler and sealer. Yeah, I was having issues with it cracking and then with the paint I am thinking that it wasn't the best idea...buuuut...It is very sturdy.
After allowing them to dry, I got to work with what I love to do...PAINT!
I used acrylic paints...just typical craft store paint. I used a bright orange, a few different shades of brown (light and dark), a few different shades of green, a shocking blue and white. important to know...I used a dry brush method of painting. This way, it captured all the texture of the pumpkins. Basically, you start off with black and you gradually build up the not just slap orange paint on it and call it a day because all the hard work and extra steps to create such a texture-realistic pumpkin head would be tossed aside. Take your time and let the paint dry before adding the next layer.
In these first pictures, I added the blue first, then the first layer of orange and green/brown. remember, the key is to start of darker and get lighter as you build up the layers of color!
This is what final look of my pumpkin heads. Everyone is different as to the color choices...personal preference. I'd love to try one that is more bluish with a touch of year! haahaa
Anyhow, when they dry completely its time to attach them to what I made them for!
The larger one...
 goes on this creature...
 We secured it with screws/washers and wood that we placed inside his head and under his head to keep it from ripping off the neck.
The second head went on a scarecrow type thing. I was going to put a burlap shirt on him, but decided to go for a more "natural' look...
After I got the two main guys set up, I started with all the other props...
I am still not done!
I'm working on a few more "larger" items to place in the massive haunted graveyard, adding more tombstones, spider webs and spot lights!
...again, to be continued!


Sunday, October 11, 2015

First attempt at paper mache halloween decorations

This year, I decided to try everything once...get your head out of the gutter...I'm talking crafts, house projects, gardening...things like that! all remember that I am a thrifty shopper AND I LOVE Halloween. I clip coupons and try to find the best bargains...I mean, with this size family, I have to do something! ha-ha...anyhow, I bought tons of Halloween decorations last year after Halloween, at the different stores...all for 75-90% off...

I thought to myself....with all this store bought decorations, I might as well make a few more bigger things to go with all I did (with the help from my hubby...yeah, we work great as a team)!
I first went on Pinterest and found what I really wanted to make. Something towering and scary to put in our yard...a "main object" to work from...
THIS was it!!! I wanted this guy!
my hubby and I put our artistic brains into motion and this is what we were doing...

we used a lot of 1x2" and old wood from a junky bunk bed. Screwed them together and started to wrap some disposable bed pads (the extras from Kenny's supplies we get) and duct tape...lots and lots of duct tape. For the fingers, shoulders and ribs...we used rolled up newspaper and more duct tape. our finished product...

We spray painted the whole thing with a flat black and brown and added the mesh stuff you can get at the dollar store in the Halloween section.
All we needed was a head. Hmmm....
I looked and looked and couldn't find anything that would go with this great creature from beyond...sooooo...
You tube was my best friend. I ended up deciding to make a HUGE A$$ scary Pumpkin Rot head out of paper mache.
It was a looooong process that has taken over a week to work on...and it cost? not as much as I thought, but it used A LOT of glue.
I started off with garbage bags filled with newspaper. I tied the bag up with twine to make the shape of the pumpkin. I then ripped up more newspaper (taking off all the straight edges) and started to apply the wet paper.

Allowing them to dry daily...I applied 6-7 layers of paper...this is what took the longest.
after this, I then started with the stems. I used paper rolled up and duct tape...

Lots of twisting and taping...and adding more and more I came up with stems that I liked.
I then paper mached the stems to cover the duct tape (paint doesn't stick very well to the tape).

I then made a mixture of shredded cheap toilet paper soaked in water. I put it in my food processer to make it into pulp. Put it in a large towel (outside of course) and folded the towel over it and rung out all the water. I then mixed glue and joint compound in with it and made paper I can add all the details.
I let all that dry over night with a fan...and then I added a layer of brown paper towel paper mache to cover the whole pumpkins...we'll call it their skin!

I guess I could have left them to be at this point...but they wouldn't be waterproof. I wanted to make them even creepier...and stronger...
I covered them inside and out, with blacktop filler and sealer.

They may not look as cool as they did with just the "skin"...but wait till they are complete!
I will be spray painting the insides with neon orange and neon green...then dry brushing layer after layer of oranges, browns greens and a hint of blue (for veins).
The bigger one will be going on the big creepy guy we made, and the smaller one will be a scary this
So this is what my Halloween project is this year in hopes that I will have "that house" that will make people look at the details of Halloween! know...because...I have nothing else to be doing with 7 kids one being special needs.
...TO BE CONTINUED with more steps