Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cold season is upon us...with a seizure (video)

...and sure enough, kenny was home today with a runny nose and slight fever. Playing all day with his cars and iPad, I was sure he was going to get through this with no seizures....i was wrong.
He came over to me and put his arm around my neck and held my hand with his other. He was just staring with his mouth open at me. I asked him if he was answer. I wasked him if he was having a seizure and he shook his head "yes". From there, he just was in another world. Staring. I video taped him because his neurologist wanted to see exactly what he did during these seizures that are far different than the grand mal ones he was having before. He was staring and out of it for a good 4.5 minutes...I just started taping when my husband grabbed Kenny to hold him...realizing it was the perfect time to show the doctor what we were seeing. He's ok now, but I will be up all night making sure he's ok. I really hate this time of year for the fact of knowing that spring and fall is when he gets sick the most and when his seizures happen he most.

Keep in mind, when it looks like he is looking at someone...hes not. He tends to stare to the right...which is what he was doing. You can see the moment he snaps out of it towards the end. This was a longer seizure than most, with this type of seizure so I went to get the Diastat and handed the camera to my niece. He came out of it when I was getting ready to give it to him at the 5 minute mark. Im so glad (if i can even say it) that he had this type instead if the full grand mal. They are still really scary, but are able keep him comfortable through...

Monday, September 7, 2015

Fun with (soon-to-be) Fall

Now that the summer is over and the kids are all back in school, I finally have some time to start blogging again. Kenny was a handful this summer and it took a toll on me. I welcomed having a little bit of free time away from screaming meltdowns, keeping a watchful eye on Kenny because of him being attracted to cars...moving and parked. This is all in-between searching for important papers and objects that Kenny has gathered and placed in his special places (which includes old purses, shopping bags (plastic and cloth), drawers, Ziploc bags and boxes).

So, after being blessed to have moved into this house a little over a year ago, My husband and I decided that not only is this going to be the "gathering house"...but we were going to go crazy with the holidays...and every other opportunity we could!

We have been working on the first of many projects that we will be setting up in our front/side yard for Halloween...

Day 2 of ...lots of black duct tape. We added ribs, feet and hands...
We got the idea from a great blog...Grim Hollow. You can also follow them on Facebook (which is where I found this fun project.
This was very easy to make...especially since we spent only a few dollars on 6 1"x2" pieces of wood and duct tape. We used wood from an old bunk bed we had...and disposable pads that we have for Kenny.
The whole thing will be padded with the waterproof disposable pads and ducted taped, spray painted with brown, black and dark green paint, draped with dark colored cheese cloth and a big head will be added!!! Again...almost all of it is made by recycling newspapers, wire hangers, and wood! 
When its all said and done...the final outcome will be similar to this...
(courtesy of GrimHallow)
I think out next project will be the mausoleum made by a bunch of 1x2's and painted foam insulation boards!
I have also started decorating and putting up my Spookytown village. This year, since the hubby added to his sign business a digital printer...I came up with a small project for my husband to help me know, since he doesn't have much of anything else to do other than a million sign jobs waiting on him...haahaa..
Backgrounds for the village (and you know...this will be extended into my Christmas village/Its A Wonderful Life village...eeeks...
Here are the pictures drying...
These are "before" pictures. Notice how boring and not scary these look.

AND...Presto! Much more interesting to look at!

This is just the first of many backgrounds that will be used.
Since we don't get out much because of Kenny, we have found other ways to entertain and have fun with our kids. Not to mention...we just cant stop creating!