Tuesday, February 5, 2013

At five in a half...and all is going well!

Finally a doctor appointment for Kenny where he's doing good!!!
He hasn't gained any weight, even with the tube feeds and eating more and more...but we're working on that.
His coloring has gotten much better than that yellow hue he had...which i have cut out all of his baby food. He is only eating the foods we eat. I cut everything up small and bite size for him. hes been enjoying spaghetti/pasta, hot dogs, pudding, dry cereal, mashed potatoes and he even has actually tried a Popsicle!!! Four months ago, he wouldn't even attempt to try something cold! he has helped me bake a cake with Gina...and loved being part of doing something hands on. He has been interactive playing more and more with his sisters and brother too. I am so relieved! Yay for Kenny. Man is he a lot of work..all the tube feeds, feeding him (like a 9 month old because he just can't quite figure out the spoon/fork to mouth thing yet), diaper changes, medicines, and everything else, but it's finally starting to pay off! He has not had a hospital stay for a serious sickness since the summer...and THAT is a small miracle in itself
He does have to see his neurologist for some questionable issues (jerky movements at night, fists curling inwards, eye crossing inward and some clumsiness, but we will worry about that road when we cross it. Today I am just very thankful that he is doing well!

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