Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our Christmas Card done...Check!

Well, I finally did it....a little late...but none-the-less, I ordered our family Christmas cards. I always have used Shutterfly so I am just sending a little shout out to Shutterfly for a great selection (as always) and also for Pampers Gifts to Grow...yes, I still have a trillion points from when the kids were younger and it just so happened that I used a little of the points to order the cards...YAY ME!
As with the prior years, I was starting to have a hard time fitting everyone in the picture...in our small living room (by the tree), so I opted for a different venue this year...outside at a town square that was decorated very cute! Now, as you can see, there was a little interesting change to the pictures this year...I now have full blown teenagers (dun...dun...dun...) so a certain someone wasn't too thrilled to pose this year. Ya know what I have to say about that? Pthhhhhh! tee hee.


This holiday season has been a little crazy, so I will be posting later tonight as to all that's been going on here at the Tomecko house.

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