Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Finally a needed break...haha

So I finally had my free time. A little time away...just my hubby and I. We did a lot of walking and talking, enjoyed some wine and just regrouped and reconnected. We didn't have to worry about the kids...they were in good hands. Even Kenny enjoyed his time. He played with toys...new toys that he loved. I was hoping he'd do alright since I never had them watch him before. I asked if they were capable of watching a special needs child. One that cant hear, cant talk but loves to gather and group and loves people. When I picked them up, he was happily working on filling a toy shopping cart with everything and anything that was in that play room with him. Tony and I people watched, you know...there are so many different people and tastes in this area...it was pretty neat. We got our dinner for the night and we were kid free! I thought to myself that I could really get used to evenings out like this...

...then reality hit. It was time to get the kids and put the groceries in the car...
who thought grocery shopping could be a date?

I would like to thank the Eagle's Nest Child Care at our local Giant Eagle grocery store for taking great care of 5 of my kids for the hour and a half that we had to shop. I would also like to thank the sales rep for Barefoot Wines for letting me test a few different wines (albeit, they were just a tiny medicine cup full, I thoroughly enjoyed the .50 worth (.25 per cup)...and I found a new favorite...sweet red! tee hee

Ah, the special little moments of getting away from it all.

Now back to a very sick Kenny and round the clock breathing treatments :/

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog. It's so refreshing to hear an honest perspective of what it is like to have a large family and micro-preemie. God bless you!