Friday, February 4, 2011

The haystack gets bigger...but not impossible!

Let me start off by know how hard it is trying to find an ear mold to hearing aids? The answer....Like a needle in a freaking hay stack! Remind me to get his ear mold a bright color the next time he goes to his audiologist! We finally found it after a week of looking for it...yeah...thanks to Kenny deciding to rip apart his hearing aids and throwing them wherever the heck he wants to. There has got to be a better solution for keeping these things in his ears and not in his hands and lost. I do have the bungee band to hold them together so he wont lose them by accident...but he has learned to take them apart and make us all...yes...all of us living in the house...8, not including search EVERYWHERE FOR a little one inch piece of clear makes for an eventful evening er.. week.

This brings me to something else that went on this week. I had a teacher/parent conference with Kenny's 1st step teacher. It went amazingly well. He is really working on reaching his IEP goals...he has met 2 of them so far. She also had his report card that she wanted to go over in person. She wanted to go over it in person because she felt that it really wasn't pertaining to Kenny at this point. He is no where near any sort of academic grading yet. We had a long talk about his delays. I told her that I knew that he was really behind...he is almost 4 and acts younger than Gina (who is 2.5). I told her that I was alright with knowing this...when in fact...deep down inside, I am so broken hearted. She told me that he was around 18-20 months of age...developmentally. Yeah...I knew this...but still, being told this by someone who knows a thing or two about special needs kids kind of made it a reality that I DO have a special needs child...not only chronically ill...but developmentally. This is something that I am really trying to work through. He is still in need of hand over hand help with many activities, doesn't know how to use scissors (where as Gina was just using a pair of them to cut paper). He is grasping crayons in a fisted grip and has just started to use the four finger grip. I mentioned his gait and how when he runs its like he is Frankenstein running with legs far apart and his arms curled up and in. I also talked to his doctors about this and they have noticed it as well. So come Monday, he has a Neurology appt. and also an Audiology appt. I will find out more then.

Oh...he is also a lefty (well, at least, he favors his left hand)! I have a very cute thing to share about brother (whom I sort of named Kenny after...see, we have a million "Johns" in our family and I really wanted to honor my late brother and my dad who lives in AZ with my mom....but in our family there are just...too.many.Johns. LOL

Then my husband had a good friend many years ago growing up who's name was Kenny. He passed away when he was a teenager from cancer. So the Name Kenny (Kenneth) was a "no brainer"....and now...this solidifies us picking this name for such a strong little boy!
So basically, God has blessed us with a miracle that will keep us on our toes minute by minute!

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