Saturday, January 22, 2011

mystery of the green hair

It started Tuesday morning. I woke the kids up for school when one of the girls looked at me and said, "why is your hair green?" What are you talking about? Green in my way! But I looked...and there it was. A streak of green in my hair. odd. Could it be the new organic shampoo that I tested out the night before? I fluffed it off and went about my business. The next day...I had green on my hands and more in my hair. What the heck was going on? Was there a marker in our bed? No, I stripped the bed and put new sheets and pillowcases on it. I then thought...maybe one of the kids took green marker to the headboard of the bed (wrought iron), so I took a baby wipe to the whole thing...nothing! now, this is really starting to bug me. Where the heck is this green coming from?

Thursday came with just a tad more green in my hair...but I just kept it up in a ponytail...I just have been so tired of washing my the ponytail it will stay put!
We then get to Friday. I was in the kitchen putting dishes away...I looked down on my hands, and what the heck, I had green on them! Not a ton...but just like someone sponged the thumbs and fingers! So now at this point, I was getting really, really frustrated! Where was the green marker? What did I touch that was green? I looked through the whole kitchen to see what I touched...and to no green marker in sight! Now, Keep in mind that Friday morning was the morning from...well...not a good place. Woke the kids up for school with the same lingering migraine headache (brought on by a stupid sinus infection) that I had all week. Got Kenny up for school as well. So, there you have seven kids running around at 7 in the morning...and me trying to get everyone together to get to school on time. Get them in the car with a few of them fighting with each other...*ignore, ignore*...drop the first five off with my signature, "have a good day, I love you" that I seem to tell them at every morning drop off...but meant it with all my heart (even though this headache was pulsating after the nonstop fighting). Now with the car nice and quiet with just two kids with me...its off to drop Kenny off. I am usually waiting in a line of cars and buses that extend well into the street...and that morning...well...I thought I was ahead of the game. Woo Hoo! First one in line. I got the front spot. Then the waiting began. I waited and one was coming out and there was not a car or bus behind me. Finally after 20 minutes waiting...I ended up going home to see on his school calendar, that there was no school. Oh yeah...nice. Anyhow...back to the green...
It was bugging me all day...still not a sign of green anywhere but on me!
Fast forward to this morning, Saturday...I woke up with my hair really, really green and also my hands were covered. To the point of where I could have passed for Oscar the Grouch! I couldn't figure it out. I had my hair up when I went to bed (like I do every night), I changed the bed sheets, changed my pillow cases, washed the bed frame...yet still I had this green in my hair and my hands were covered again! I went to take a shower and noticed that the collar of my t-shirt I was wearing had tons of green on it! I sat there wondering what the heck it was...where was it coming from...and then I put two and two together. I FIGURED IT OUT!!!
My hair scrunchy! The thing I have been putting my hair up in every night this past week! I took it out of my hair and put it under the running water...and to my surprise...GREEN!
I then filled the sink up and let it soak...
It must have been in either the toy box or one of the girls pencil pouches that had an open marker in it. Lucky me found a hair scrunchy to put my hair up in at night time...all week long. So after a week of the mystery of the green on me, I figured it out!

Now back to my daily life of cans, chairs, laundry and kids!

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Unknown said...

That's so funny! Sorry about the green hair. The only experience I've had with green hair was when my summer blonde daughter got green hair from swimming in the pool all day long. I thought it was cute, but she didn't.