Sunday, April 15, 2007

Getting bigger

Getting bigger!!!! 9 1/2 toilet paper squares to be exact! LOL!!! I'm reeeeeally starting to feel miserable. I have an all new respect for mommy and my mother-in-law! Baby B's (Kenneth) head is up in my ribs towards my can actually feel him move near my back! He is the wild one! Baby A (Nicolas) is head down and is kicking my ribs on my left! My butt hurts from the progestrone shots that I am getting weekly. I go Tuesday for another doctor's appt. which I am looking forwards to learning that I probably gained another 10 lbs! LOL!!! Oh...I have never been to the point of any of my pregnancies where I couldnt (ahem) keep things tidy down there....well...the time has finally come! *DARN!* LOL! No more bending over to pick something up, tie shoes, see what is under the furniture....nope, cant do it! I also am starting to have a hard time shaving my legs! Hee hee! I have to admit though, I am very happy, and welcome any challenge of things that I cant do, as long as these two boys are born healthy and a good weight. BRING IT ON!!!!! I have become attached to "Frick and Frack" and talk to them all the time. Even Kayleigh comes up to me and lifts my shirt to kiss my belly....without me even saying anything! Anyhow...that is how I'm doing....hope everyone is doing well.

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