Saturday, July 31, 2021

It’s been a long while and now restarting this to update on my husband

 Life got hold of us like it usually does. We got busy with life, work, raising the kids, etc…so my blog got put on the back burner…until now. I feel like I need to restart this blog…but for a different reason. My husband, the father of our kids, has had a bad accident and is now in the fight of his lifetime. A little backstory first…

These last few years have been crazy. Between the kids growing, the first 4 have graduated, the last being Sydnie whom graduated this year. Our oldest is now a firefighter/paramedic, and  my husbands sign shop was finally busy again after the stupid covid shutdown. Kenny got his cochlear this past December and hates it (but this is a whole other story). Life has not been boring, nor has it been uneventful. A few weeks ago, we smelled a gross smell coming from the front room. Peeled back the carpet, and our windows have been leaking…mold and wet under them. So Tony and I decided to get rid of the carpet and put in vinyl planks…Long story short, our entire downstairs, and some upstairs is now waiting on new flooring. 

 When my hubby and I start something, it could get a little crazy (Example: our Halloween yard display:

Our garden:
We ended up deciding that since we have hated the brown trim, we were finally painting it…along with the kitchen, the walls throughout were getting painted. Pretty much an entire house remodel.

 We even decided to build a hearth for our ugly fireplace…it turned out spectacular…my husband was so excited that he built it by himself…couldn’t wait to show it off to his dad. We were just waiting on finding a hearth stone and then he was going to build the surround/mantle. All the while, I’m a painting fiend…finally covering up the ugly brown trim that was throughout the house, patching holes and caulking.
 So here we are taking on the world, fixing up our home we bought 7 years ago, since we really never did so prior to this. We were excited that we were actually making our home the way we wanted it to look…for us. Well, life threw us the biggest curveball…

I was cutting some beans I picked from my garden, when I get a phone call from my husbands worker. Telling me that my husband fell from a ladder and he was being taken to the hospital. I was thinking…ok…he might have twisted an ankle or has a small bump somewhere…my husbands invincible, right? Wrong. 
I asked if he was awake, he said no. I think I screamed. I told all my kids to pile into my truck. The girls called our son, he was on his way to the hospital…
We got there, they took us back into a little room….now anyone who has lost a loved one, knows of the little room the hospital puts you in, so the doctor can talk to you….well…I panicked. I thought he was dead. My son who worked at the hospital reassured me that it was just a holding room, and this is normal. Eased my mind just a bit….thank God for my kids.

We were finally able to go see him. He was on and off awake. Terrified, he didn’t know what was happening to him, where he was, what was going on. But he was in severe pain. The look in his bloodshot eyes…was please help me…and I couldn’t. 
The doctors told us that he had several skull fractures, 2 brain bleeds, a very traumatic brain injury, a shattered shoulder, broken ribs, the bones of his inner ear were all broken…which resulted in hearing loss of his left ear., a huge hematoma on his side and a shattered pinky finger.
Needless to say, none of ushers at the Tomecko house got any sleep.

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