Saturday, August 11, 2018

I thought segregation was illegal...

Parma City Schools you suck! You may need to rethink the way you treat special ed kids and families.  My son is repeating 4th grade again...not because he didn't pass his goals on his iep, but because it was the only thing we could do that would allow him to maybe attend his home based middle school with his sister and friends from his elementary school. How dare they segregate the special needs kids to one school, because they don't want spend the money they receive from the government per special needs child, to actually get more teachers and aids for these kids. They would rather send them to one school and pretty much keep them in a daycare setting, away from typical learn life skills and not push them to actually learn as much as possible. Yet...After the whole fiasco of the spring when we agreed Kenny would go to Hillside middle after looking at both schools...those 2 individuals railroaded us and told us they were not going to accept Kenny at Hillside...after the other head said it was perfectly fine. Well...we took Gina to set up her locker at Hillside yesterday, and what did we come face to face with? A locker with Kenny's name on it...and a teacher that had him on her list of kids. WTF?! Lets throw this whole discrimination and segregation thing im my face a little more! My son, who worked hard to pass his goals on his iep, had every right to attend his home based middle school...but will attend his much loved elementary school...again. So thank you to two certain individuals (one at the middle school...and one at the administration level) for being who you are...I hope karma bites you big.

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